Bachpan Play School Establishes Awareness of Plastic Use with Paper Bag Day

by Team Conscious Carma

New Delhi, September 06, 2022: Bachpan Play School, the largest preschool provider in the country, has joined the movement to minimize plastic usage and emphasize the environmental damage it causes by promoting Paper Bag Day, during which they urged their 1.5 lakh students to make paper bags.

The government began penalizing anyone who defies the ban on single-use plastics in early July. Furthermore, plastic usage results in environmental debris. Over 1000 Bachpan Play Schools joined more than one lakh students in creating paper bags and taking part in this great cause. The award-winning play school believes that childhood is the appropriate period to establish good habits in kids, and early childhood teaching methods are the greatest means imaginable of doing the same.

Bachpan is known for implementing similar initiatives as part of their play school teaching methods. It improves the creativity of youngsters and gives them a lot of opportunities to study and grow as well. Therefore, Bachpan Play School made it an interesting activity for the youngsters on World Paper Day, which turned out to be a tremendous success. Each kid was given old newspapers, coloured paper, and basic crafting supplies including scissors, glue, pencils, and ribbons with which to make their own unique paper bags.

The activity not only engaged them but also educated them about the importance of using paper bags for themselves and the environment as well.

Adding his wise thought on this, Mr. Ajay Gupta, CEO and Founder of Bachpan Play School commented, “Childhood is that stage of our lives when we are just beginning. So, it is quite easy to inculcate in any child the much-needed attitude and way of living. I am sure we all are familiar with the global crisis of climate change. Plastics contribute greatly to that crisis. We saw a great opportunity in World Paper Bag Day to make our Bachpanites aware of the ill effects of plastic bags and encourage them to use paper bags. Hence, this is what we accomplished in our Bachpan Play Schools across India. We wish all our Bachpanites to be fully aware global citizens.”

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