Packmate, India’s First Eco-friendly Sustainable Copier Paper

by Team Conscious Carma
  • Launched by Shree Krishna Paper Mills & industries Ltd
  • Utilizes 40 percent less water than white A4 paper
  • Receives Best Sustainability Innovator Award for the Copier Paper

Packmate, India’s first eco-friendly sustainable copier paper, is being launched by Shree Krishna Paper Mills & Industries Ltd (SKPMIL). Established in 1974,

SKPMIL is India’s First innovator of unbleached chemical free paper. It was also the first company to launch thermal paper in India in the year 1992 with technical collaboration with Hansol Paper from Korea.

Known for its innovative approach towards business, the company started manufacturing paper through recycled waste fibre in 2005 and is using 100% recycled fiber to manufacture several varieties of papers & specialty papers.

“We have launched “PACKMATE” to provide the much need unbleached chemical free paper products to the growing eco-conscious customers in India and abroad. Our motto is to serve the consumers need with good quality products on reasonable rates”, says Naynesh Pasari, ED, Shree Krishna Paper Mills & Industries Ltd.

The brand is offering an array of tree free paper based products viz., sustainable copier paper, diaries, notebooks, gift envelopes, gift wrapping paper, food wrapping paper and paper bags, etc.

The company has also received the Best Sustainability Innovator Award 2023 for their latest innovation “Eco-friendly Sustainable Copier Paper” by Guardians of the Green, a company dedicated towards recognising the best innovators in the industry towards sustainability.

Price: Rs.268/- (A4 size, 75-80 GSM. 1 REAM of 500 sheets)

Availability : Leading online platforms like Amazon and Flipkart.

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