Eight Ways to Live Sustainably

by Team Conscious Carma

– by Anil Chowta 
Living Sustainably is the need of the hour. It is what we owe to our next generations.

Sustainable living sounds like some elite and luxurious lifestyle indulged in by the nouveau rich of society, those who do not have to pay their EMIs or bother about their next paycheques. However, sustainable living is what the people of this country have been doing for centuries —using that old faded t-shirt as a dusting cloth, passing down outgrown clothes to siblings and using leftover pages from last year’s school notebooks as practice sheets or notepads- things that we have done ourselves or seen our parents do.

Here are eight hacks for a sustainable lifestyle

  1. Always remember to carry a shopping bag from home
    Just like you won’t step out without your wallet or purse, you must not leave the house without a reusable shopping bag. Invest in a sustainable, washable and reusable shopping bag. Not only do they look so much better than single-use plastic bags, but they are a great for saving the planet.
  2. Refuse if you cannot Reuse
    Refuse outright to purchase products designed for single use. Opt for sustainable alternatives for everyday use products that are made out of eco-friendly materials. Replace plastic toothbrushes, writing instruments, utensil-scrub pads, hygiene and sanitary products with those made out of planet friendly raw materials like bamboo, wood, coir. Also there are reusable alternatives of sanitary products available today. The planet is crying for help, and we must choose wisely.
  3. Wear your lifestyle on your sleeve
    Do not be shy to voice your choices to your family, friends and anyone who cares to listen. Be vocal about your reasons for doing what you do. You might feel awkward or uncomfortable, but people will respect you for standing up for your beliefs. With changing climatic conditions, and the global pandemic, everyone understands that the planet needs action NOW.
  4. Purchase Locally
    Purchase from the greengrocer around the corner. Local shopping minimises fuel and packaging. Many seasonal and hyperlocal fruits, berries and seeds are available only at the local vegetable vendor. Buy the freshest seasonal produce and support local communities.
  5. Dress-Up Smart
    Patronise the local (designer) tailor who can give the big brands a run for their money. Flaunting labels may have perks, but nothing beats the swag of wearing a specially crafted unique creation in the fabric of your choice. Upcycle classic sarees and gowns for festivities and special occasions. It’s easy on the wallet, super fun and gentle on the planet.
  6. Travel Wisely
    The COVID-19 pandemic brought the travel industry to a grinding halt. It also gave the planet respite and a chance to heal. As we begin travelling for work and leisure again, look for travelling and luggage bags that can withstand weathering and be repaired easily. Live in eco-friendly accommodations, use public transportation, try local cuisine and respect local cultures.
  7. Meditate, Exercise and Eat Healthily.
    A healthy body and mind are the best gift to yourself, your children and the planet. Our planet’s resources are already stretched to support the eight billion of us. Now imagine providing ongoing medical care to a small percentage of this population. Growing healthier is good not just for us but for our planet too
  8. Act Now
    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Upcycle, Segregate, Compost, Walk, Cycle, Carpool – We all know these and the zillion other things that must be done. The solution is to develop pro-planet habits. Start with something small or big that you can do right now. So, get that reusable bag, put it in your purse/wallet, or order that compost bin. And tell everyone about it. And that includes your nosy neighbour and your social media followers.

Extraordinary commitment to ordinary actions is what will save the day. Commit and act to live sustainably now.

About the author: Mr. Anil Chowta is the Founder and CEO of Ecosac- a brand of eco-friendly and reusable utility bags and sustainable consumer products.

Anil stepped into the business world in the year 1990 with Falcon as a brand providing training kits to more than 3000 engineering colleges globally. An engineer in Electronics & Telecommunications, he explored the field of technical training products for 22 years. While he successfully built a scalable business at Falcon, his burning desire to impact society and the environment at large led him to find the brand of his sustainable product- Ecosac in 2016. The exorbitant amount of single-use plastic and paper bags consumed around the globe and its consequences on the environment intrigued Anil, thus giving rise to a new hustle in the FMCG and Retail sector.

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