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by Team Conscious Carma

It all started with the thought of providing healthy, nutritious and tasty food without letting go of either of the characteristics”, Akshay Sandu, Co-founder, The Conscious Baker

The Conscious Baker, a food start-up that makes No Refined Flour and No Refined Sugar products and provides an end-to-end solution for all the dietary needs without compromising on nutritional values. A one-of-a-kind bakery with all offerings diabetic-friendly, no sugar in any form (no honey, no jaggery etc.) no refined flour and everything made from scratch.

Tamara, (co-founder and business partner) and Akshay noticed the gap in the market for a truly healthy bakery because according to the, what normally happens in India is that people tend to hide a lot of ingredients. The basic rules for packaged food are very lax, and there’s also a general lack of awareness about what goes into the making of a product, especially packaged foods. “We wanted to change that perception. While it’s easy to hide an ingredient or two from your buyer, compromising on the overall quality of our offerings just for better business doesn’t appeal to either of us. Desserts needn’t always be your cheat meal. We offer the healthiest possible desserts while still maintaining the taste. And, that’s the USP of the Conscious Baker.

About the Founders

Albeit hailing from a finance background, fitness has always been Akshay’s calling.  On a personal front, he always wanted cleaner ingredients in his diet and would like to offer the same to customers too.  Prior to her foray into the food and beverage entrepreneurial bandwagon, Tamara Dzousa had a decade and-a-half-tryst with the hospitality sector. Brands like Della resorts, La folie, and Provenance, along with a few homegrown brands in New Zealand fall under her list of clienteles.   

The Journey

The founders started their journey in June 2019 with the launch of their first retail outlet Protein Rush – A 360-degree fitness café, serving sugar-free, refined flour-free, high protein meals ranging from pizzas to salads to protein shakes. The aim was to offer a healthy twist on all the traditionally frowned upon unhealthy but tasty dishes. The cafe was crowned “The Best Health Food Cafe” in the eastern suburbs at the coveted Times Food & Nightlife Awards 2020. Continuing this journey towards providing a complete solution for healthy food, they launched The Conscious Baker in March 2020, an end-to-end solution brand for all dietary needs without compromising on nutritional values and taste.

Bottlenecks in the journey

The venture was started in the midst of the early pandemic, the consequences of which were to shut down the business by the end of March 2020. They were forced to make a few necessary changes like re-working on the business strategy as per the industry situation at that time. The blessing in disguise was the amount of R&D that went into understanding the market &  product sampling led them to focus and invest more in the chocolates. Realising the dearth in the availability of healthy desserts, they decided to foray into the arena of desserts.  Technically, desserts cannot be healthy, but, can certainly be made a lot healthier than what’s currently being offered in the market.


“Our products are the USP and we take pride in offering the widest range of Chocolates.” Most of our products have a good amount of shelf life. The chocolate used in our products is made in our chocolate lab from pure organic cacao beans, sourced from the very best south Indian plantations. The resulting chocolate is Sugarfree (Maltitol free), Vegan , Keto , Gluten-free and ready to go into your favourite bakes. This makes us the only brand that makes its own chocolates to be used in desserts, allowing us to experiment with our products/offerings in a completely unique way. 

The Mission

Our mission is to gain maximum visibility and would like to cater to the different age groups of people. What we want for our consumer is to dig into a gooey cake slice or chocolates and not feel guilty about it.  We want to tweak the concept of guilty indulgence and make the idea of sinking your teeth into your favourite dessert a more fulfilling, and blissful experience.

The Conscious Baker – helping you make better and more informed dietary choices

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