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by Team Conscious Carma

Shivika Agarwal, a budding designer born and brought up in Agra, is all set to add the oomph factor in sustainable fashion.

“Being the youngest in the family, I always stayed close to everybody. I remember growing up around all sorts of crafts, painting, knitting, either done by my mother, maternal grandmother or aunts which kind of embraced me into who I am today. I always had an extraordinary love and inclination towards crafts which I didn’t realise until the last year of my graduation which gave birth to my brand which is devoted in uplifting lost crafts in India”, says the young designer.

In the final year of my college when I had to choose a graduation project, I was determined to choose something that will not only be enjoyable but would also make a difference in today’s era. I have always been an environmentalist and thought of doing something for the indigenous craft. I have seen ample of designers bringing out the innate beauty from the interiors of India, but the catch was that they worked only with ethnics, and I had to give my flavor to it, thus I conceived the idea of resort wear in indigenous fabrics. Thus, in the March of 2021 as a follow up of my graduation project, which made me realize who I really am and what I truly believe in i.e., crafts and craftsmanship I started this label. It is a small initiative of mine towards the upliftment of lost crafts in India through an innovative, pioneering and visionary brand ‘Shivika Agarwal’.

The brand works in collaboration with different NGO’s and artisans to create timeless meticulously crafted pieces for each collection.  Mixing heritage sophistication with the modern twist, we highly value our artisans who pass on their skills and experience from generations. 

Their first collection is named Teikirshy inspired by the lives of a tribal group living in the Nilgiri hills. These craftswomen carry on an age-old tradition of embroidering designs inspired by mother nature. The collection is dedicated towards the upliftment and recognition of the craft to the rest of the world. Language being a barrier in communication it was a real struggle to get in touch with the actual craftswomen and we are totally dedicated towards mitigating the effects of mediators who cut the profits of the local artisans, hence our team personally visited the village with a translator, stayed with them for a week, appreciated and bolstered their skills and this made them trust us and make the profits reach straight to their pockets, hence when our valued customer buys from us, we make sure that their money is not filling up the pockets of a mediator, instead supporting a true artisan.

The materials used are 100% cotton whether they are laces or fabrics and recycled Lycra for swimwear.  A slow fashion label, where comfort is the utmost priority and a commitment to empower women by designing transcend trends and seasons. Our pieces are made to love, collect and last.

The brand uses two packaging bags- inner and outer. These bags are 100% plastic free and are made entirely from vegetable starch and other natural extracts.  These bags are harmless to the plants, animals and all the environment which can even dissolve in water and are biodegradable.

Availability :, Pernia’s Pop-up Shop and 6 degree store.

Created with perfection, Damba Halter Neck Maillot is a statement choice for your next getaway. Crafted from regenerated lycra, it features embroidery on neck & cross back straps with a cut out detail forming at back hand crafted by tribal women artisans of Toda based in the Nilgiri hills. Pair it with a midi skirt and strap sandals for a brunch.

These flare pants are tailored from lightweight fabric and embroidered : inspired by tribal lifestyle in india. corded with a wrap round top with raglan sleeves. The Duo is perfect for any day or night party.

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