Ataasii – Promoting various aspects of conscious living

by Team Conscious Carma

It all started when the founder went on a holiday from work, and decided never to return. The break exposed her to an alternate way of living. To how necessary it is to be mindful – in every aspect of life. Whether in the food she ate or the kind of exercise she carried out. Or even the way she communicated. That was the moment of awakening and soon was born Ataasii.

Based in Hyderabad, Suhani Dewra, the founder of Ataasii named the brand after the name of the protagonist from an unpublished book she had written as a teenager. Originally Ataasii is a blue flower of Indian origin.

“When I created Ataasii, I wasn’t thinking business. I just wanted to talk about somethings. I felt that there was a need of a platform like this to educate people of the details we, as a world, have ignored,” Suhani recalls. Thus was formed a platform with a magazine section for people to read about various conscious practices and a store with all things natural – soaps, shaving bars, candles, body scrub, face pack, etc.

About the founder:

Prior to establishing Ataasii, Suhani worked as a communications professional with the media and corporates. Even before she founded Ataasii, she had a strong impulse for focusing on self-care. A personal trait that was hidden and needed honing became her professional calling and that’s how Ataasii came into existence.

The journey:

Ataasii started small in 2020. Really tiny. On Instagram. The idea was to establish a magazine that spoke about various aspects of conscious living. But instead of including Ads to drive the revenue, Suhani chose to attach a store that would house stuff related to the content the magazine produced. “Ads can deter the viewing and reading experience,” she confirms. Strangely, the magazine section got lost (it definitely exists) while the store gained popularity.

The journey has been organic and slow-paced. The pandemic, of course, had the world at a pause. However, the founder is not complaining. For her, “things will happen when they are meant to happen.” Her only concern is to ensure that whatever little gets done, gets done well.  

The business has been promising but fluctuating in the last one year, from when the world started moving. At times it is flourishing with corporate orders coming in. And at other times, there’s a complete standstill.

The magazine section which is more like a blog now will soon see a physical copy of all the interviews published there.  

Bottlenecks in the journey

There are and were several bottlenecks for team Ataasii. The pandemic played a spoilsport. The world was shut down and therefore they didn’t see activities taking place. It was difficult for them to stay motivated in such times.   

To interview people for the magazine, they find it hard to scout people who follow a conscious lifestyle. “This leads to delay and the delay leads to lackluster entrepreneurial attitude,” says Suhani.   

Speaking of the store, there are several players who are already established in the same genre making the buyers unsure as to why should they gravitate to a newbie brand. Also, Amazon is a competitor they can’t compete with. “It’s a losing battle,” Suhani informs. Most people naturally tend to buy products from Amazon. 


To be specific, the store is confident of the products they house. “You have to use our face pack and bath salts and the scrub and the pain relief balm, you will come back asking for more,” Says a proud Suhani. Some of these products are what she has been using on herself for years, much before they become part of Ataasii’s store. “We know what we are doing,” adds Suhani.

The Mission

The company’s mission is to document many more interviews of individuals and speak about every aspect of conscious living. With this in place, the brand aspires to have a storehouse to create far more varieties of conscious products, say a jute bag or a yoga mat. 

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