The Earthen Urban range of eco-friendly lifestyle products

by Team Conscious Carma

The Earthen Urban unveils a range of environment-friendly and sustainable lifestyle products using bamboo, coconut shells and jute.

“The Earthen Urban believes in coexisting and making sustainable living affordable. The products are ethically sourced, up-cycled, completely cruelty-free, handmade by local artisans and without a doubt, biodegradable!”

says the young entrepreneur Binju Babu.

And to give back to the fauna, a segment of the returns from the sales go towards feeding and rehabilitation of the stray dogs across Delhi and look at reaching far and wide in days to come. One good deed leads to another good one.

The Earthen Urban strives to foster conscious consumption by reducing waste and carbon footprint. Not only by creating sustainable products but by ensuring sustainable packaging as well. The packaging is plastic-free, up-cycled and eco-friendly.  

The world needs us to switch now more than ever. Switch to sustainable today.

About The Earthen Urban :

A purely sustainable studio founded last year, ie. 2020, amidst the unpredictable times of Covid-19 pandemic, by a young-minded, environmentally-conscious woman entrepreneur.  A PR professional, Binju Babu left her job to pursue this as she wanted to do something for the environment, including both, the flora and fauna. She believes, it is because of our exploitation towards our mother earth resources that we are facing such an epidemic across the world today. She has also been rescuing several street dogs across Delhi but couldn’t do so wholeheartedly since we were running out of funds to feed and rehabilitate them. At this she started The Earthen Urban. The proceeds that come from selling these sustainable – upcycled products go towards feeding street dogs/cats/cows in and across Delhi- NCR.

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