Three generations of Women in the service of creation

by Team Conscious Carma

A young widow, Vimal Kumari (70) from Jammu, not only raised her 3 children single handedly, but also instilled in them the moral values and encouraged them to follow the path of Guru.

Vimal toiled hard to earn as well look after the home and the children, fulfill their every need and desire, gave them the best education and the best ethics. She worked in education department and spent the rest of her time with the kids.

All this while, she yearned to find a Guru and could finally find one in Yogi Ashwini of Dhyan Ashram.  Once her kids were settled, she started visiting Dhyan Ashram in Delhi regularly and immersed in servicing the injured, abandoned and rescued cattle in Dhyan Ashram’s guashalas all over India. At present, she is taking care of more than 500 cattle in Moharipur gaushala in Tripura.  The only lady handling … labour and taking care of food and treatment of all the cattle and other tasks at a remote location.  In its more than 50 gaushalas across the globe, Dhyan Foundation (DF) takes care of more than 50,000 cattles and its progeny. They are either injured, sick, non-milking or being rescued from traffickers.

Inspired by her mother, Suraj Katotra (48), the younger daughter of Vimal, accompanied her to Ashram to learn Sanatan Kriya from Yogi ji and as soon as Suraj’s children went to armed forces, she followed her mother’s footsteps.  She’s been taking care of more than 1000 cattle in Devipur gaushala of Tripura which is just 1 km from Bangladesh border and is surrounded by border from three sides.  It’s a remote jungle area notorious for cattle trafficking. “Recently 2 bulls were stolen from our gaushala but we ran after the thieves and saved our bulls from the mafia”, says the fearless lady.  “A housewife who had immersed herself in household chores and raising 2 kids, I travelled alone for the first time in my life, boarded flight for the first time, to reach Devipur.  With Guru’s Kripa, not even once I feel scared of being all alone in this jungle”, says Suraj.

Her typical day starts at 5 am in the morning and ends at 11pm, but at times, she’s seen working as late as 2 or 3 am.  A typical housewife, Suraj is seen driving tractor on the fields at the gaushala, apart from taking care of the entire place.

Suraj’s daughter, Tanya Bhardwaj (23), followed the footsteps and made Yogi Ashwini her Guru and learnt Sanatan Kriya from him.  At present, she is part of the T&T (Tigers and Tigresses) team at DF of  under 25 age group and teaches Sanatan Kriya.  DF is committed to the cause of spreading awareness about the authentic path of yog, as laid down by Sage Patanjali 4,500 years ago. DF, follows the ancient Guru-Shishya Parampara and traches where Sanatan Kriya (Patanjali Ashtang Yog in its original, undiluted form) free of cost a today at its centers across the world.  There are thousands across the globe who have benefited physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually from the practice of Sanatan Kriya.

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