The cow is called Dhenu in Vedas, the bestower of all bounties

by Team Conscious Carma

The wonder of Desi Cow

Ever observed a hump on the spine of a desi cow or bull? It is called the Suryaketu Nadi. When the rays of the sun (surya) fall on this nadi, then specific energy is channelized inside the cow/bull. When a cow and bull mate, this energy transfers to their calf and also to the milk that the cow gives. This milk is called A2. Today A2 milk is much in demand as it can be digested even by those who are lactose intolerant and it is known to cure various ailments. This is the wonder of the desi cow. Interestingly, the milk given by jerseys, which are not even cows, is called A1 and the milk from desi cow is called A2. This is the conspiracy of the West. We will start our discussion from here.

The cow conspiracy

When Britishers came to India, at that time, even the Mughals had imposed a ban on cow slaughter. Mughals came with the intention of settling here, the Britishers however were here to loot and plunder and go back to their own country. They wanted to make a colony out of India. Today we say with pride, ‘colonial’ furniture, ‘colonial’ architecture – these are in great demand. The joke is on us only. In 1760, Robert Clive set up the first slaughterhouse in Bengal. Within ten years, Bengal witnessed the worst famine of all times, where lakhs died. This was the conspiracy of Britishers, they knew cow is the backbone of our agricultural economy, if you remove the cow/bull, the economy will collapse. Clive who orchestrated this heinous crime, himself became an opium addict and killed himself using a knife…

The bestower of all bounties

All through the Vedas, the killing of cows has been banished and seva or service to the cow/bull has been emphasized. The cow is called dhenu in Vedas, the bestower of all bounties. To the countrymen who find sense in all things western, even the West acknowledges this. Today a therapy is in rage in the West, it is called cow-cuddling therapy – go to a gaushala and hug and pet a cow, and it will help rid you of your ailment. Follow them, if not the Vedas.

Nurse a cow and reap the benefits

Dhyan Foundation is running gaushalas all across the country to serve and nurture this wondrous animal. These gaushalas are home to thousands of stray, injured, sick or abandoned cows, bulls and calves including those rescued from the smugglers at the Indo Bangladesh border by the Border Security Forces. Volunteers and sadhaks devote their time, energy and resources to nurse these animals back to health, to reduce their pain and suffering. You too can join us and reap the benefits of serving this animal.

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Yogi Ashwini, Dhyan Ashram

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