Tips to reduce the single use plastic in your daily lives

by Team Conscious Carma
  1. BYOB: Bring your own bag for grocery and other everyday shopping. Just get into the habit of carrying a bag whenever you are stepping out of the home for shopping. BYOB is the latest fad
  2. Start Composting: It’s simple and odour free. All you need to do is look for a company which provides smart composting bins and solutions for quick digestion of organic waste
  3. Start Questioning: Inspite of being banned, you might still get to see single use plastic being used.  Stop taking pride in buying cling wrapped veggies and fruits, rather start questioning and raise a concern
  4. Switch to Refilling: Refilling convenience stores are the in thing for your grocery, home cleaners and daily needs. Locate the one nearest you and start visiting
  5. Buy products with compostable packaging: Next time when you buy something, make sure to check the packaging as there’s a lot of single use plastic in packaging. Go in for compostable packaging
  6. Shop local and reduce buying online: You can avoid a lot of single use plastic by switching to local markets and reducing online buying.  Online buying comes with lot of plastic packaging

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