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by Team Conscious Carma

SVISH, one of India’s fastest-growing personal hygiene D2C start-ups has introduced a unique line of products that promise to take care of hygiene in areas that fall between the waistline and the knees in a dungeon called the underwear. Even though men have not really come around discussing their hygiene issues on any forum in any part of public sphere, SVISH has had the ‘ballz’ to not only conduct a thorough research on the subject but also introduce a line of products that are specialized to treat the sweaty and smelly areas of the scrotum like no one has ever before.

Ishan Grover and Jaideep Mahajan, the men behind SVISH, ought to be credited for thinking about the hygiene of areas of the human body that have strangely, seldom found the focus in day-to-day grooming. The unique, and first-of-its-kind men’s range of intimate hygiene products, Made in India, includes India’s 1st SVISH Ballz Foam Wash- Zero Fragrance, India’s 1st SVISH Ballz Roll on AntiChafing Deo and SVISH Intimate Wipes, the must have regime for men.

The women’s product line includes SVISH Intimate wipes, India’s 1st clutch pack which is as small as a credit card, SVISH Anti-chafing roll-ons, SVISH intimate hygiene wash and several other distinctly designed products. With superior, thoughtful, and all-natural, safe, intimate hygiene products, SVISH believes in letting women feel awesome inside, all day, every day! The range is the company’s little contribution to help women feel great about themselves while traveling, at work, at home, or through their menstrual cycles.

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