Prism Toothpaste Tabs – Good for your Teeth and Good for the Planet

by Team Conscious Carma

It is estimated that 8 Billion Plastic tubes are produced a year, nearly all of these end up in landfill or the oceans.

Every year in the UK alone, 300 million toothpaste tubes end up in landfill. If you spread that end to end it would amount to 75,000km of plastic. That would stretch twice around the world! The mixture of plastic and metal film that lines these tubes makes it almost impossible to recycle them. Most end up in landfill and on average it takes 500 years for these types of tubes to fully biodegrade naturally.

Prism Toothpaste Tabs, a UK based company’s  #nomoretubes approach is the step they are taking to stop these materials piling up in holes in the ground,, getting into our oceans, killing marine life and making their way into our food chain and water supply.

Their formulations are SLS free, has natural flavours and is made to keep your teeth clean and healthy too. One of their founders, a dentist of 30 years, advises that the fluoride they have included in their formulation is essential for enamel health which is essential to having great healthy teeth. Their formulations are all cruelty free, palm oil free and suitable for Vegans

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