Livpure unveils pocket-friendly gravity water purifiers

by Team Conscious Carma

The term ‘smart living’ has become a buzzword in recent times. From navigation to home appliances – be it the water we drink, air conditioners, or other devices, every aspect of our lives now has technology woven into it. Against this backdrop, Livpure, a leading manufacturer of water purifiers, air conditioners, and sleep and wellness solutions, has recently launched an array of new, state-of-the-art tech-backed products. Underlining its commitment to simplify and transform the lives of consumers with innovative, tech-driven solutions, the brand has introduced three new water purifiers with extensive features.

Livpure has stepped up its innovation and introduced first-time technologies such as nanotechnology, non-electric operation, chemical-free purification, ultrafiltration technology, and gravity-based purification in water purifiers that will disrupt the kitchen appliances market. The products launched are  Livpure Brahma Neo Gravity, Livpure Brahma Gravity and Livpure Fit Gravity

In a short span of 8 years, Livpure has delivered many Firsts in ensuring 100% Sampoorna Suraksha. Last year in a Consumer Survey by Forbes India, Livpure figured as “Most Respected Consumer Tech Brand” in the water category. 


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