Zulfi Azad – Creating markets globally for Indian and Overseas brands

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Making it big

Zulfi Azad

When someone lives in a tiny slum, it seems impossible to dream of making it big. The general mentality in a slum that prevails is to be able to earn bread for the family. The transformation from that form of psychology to becoming a big name internationally is a great achievement in itself. The person we are talking about is Zulfi Azad. In the field of Branding and Media Advertising, he is one of the emerging business personalities. He is currently the Creative Director of an advertising and marketing company called Plan Media Private Limited, a Delhi based company.

He is responsible for the positioning and branding of the product/company. He has been in this field for the last fifteen years. The company does not only operate and provide their services in India only; they also have international clients from countries like the USA, UK, UAE and African countries.

His early life and education

He belonged to a very humble and poor family. He is from a small city called Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. He completed his primary from Bihar whereas secondary and higher secondary education was from Jharkhand. He studied in both the mediums of Hindi as well as Urdu. Later, he came to Delhi in 1996 to do his engineering course at Jamia Millia Islamia University where he discovered his interest in Media and Advertising. Though he did not complete his Engineering but did a marvellous career with his passion for Mass Communication. 

From his childhood itself, he thought of becoming a businessman. He used to buy ice for 5 rupees and sell it for 6 rupees. From that small transaction, his business mind started to develop. He very well knew the fact that he could escape his present financial situation by doing something big. And to do something big, one must never stop taking small steps.

Confidence is the key factor

In his college days, Mr Zulfi Azad had a hobby of acting. As he was from the small city of Jharkhand and Bihar was not partitioned at that time, he was taken for granted. But when the college gave him the platform to showcase his talent, he ended up winning Mr Fresher’s contest.

It helped him boost his confidence and keep him motivated for his bright future yet to come. This confidence and his hobby equipped him with stage presentation tactics which in turn actually helped him later to deliver his plans to his clients in an amazing way.

Acting gave him enjoyment and fun in his life and so he thought of joining the theatre. After joining Theatre, he thought of leaving the engineering course and follow his hobby. He started his own production along with his media course.

His very own Plan Media Private Limited

After completing his education, the idea of doing a business still created an adrenaline rush in his mind. He knew that he was destined to be a businessman. He finally decided to sail his ship into the sea.

In the year 2007, he rented a house and a computer and started his business of advertising and marketing. His plan was to go to the market and search for his clients. He firmly believed that out of 100 people, there will surely be one person who is willing to work with him. His aim was to find that one person.

He started convincing people that Zulfi Azad is the name that can help their company to establish a brand value for them and advertise for them. Slowly the number of clients increased from one to ten and ten to thousands. Currently, Plan Media Private Limited has clients from all over the world.

For the past ten years, Zulfi Azad, Director, Plan Media,  is successfully creating markets worldwide for its clients in India, Africa, UAE, the USA and UK.   His continuous and long-lasting efforts have been recognized very well by the media and are being awarded the ‘Zee Young Achiever’s Award’, ‘PRAGYA Success Story Award’ and many other such awards.   “African countries, especially Nigeria, is the first choice in terms of entrepreneurship but when it comes to sales conversion they have to struggle a lot for their existence. Similar is the case with the UAE market. It has the second-largest economy (among Arab Countries after Saudi Arabia) but it lacks in fulfilling customer’s expectations and creating brand strategy at the local and global level”, says Zulfi.  A lot of hard work coupled with effective and customized strategies went into each brand to convert them into well-known entities globally.

Final Takeaway

“Winners don’t talk about bad situations, they deal with it”

Zulfi  Azad.

In our lives, we encounter many ups and downs which are not in our control. But what we make out of it is in our hands.

Mr Azad has seen poverty, financial instability, debts and loss in the business. But every time he has managed to gather himself and direct his destiny towards success.

Zulfi Azad

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