ARE WE THERE YET? – Travelling More Responsibly With Your Children

by Team Conscious Carma

Authors: Rachel Dodds & Richard Butler

Do you love to travel but are worried about the negative impacts of travelling?
Are you unsure if you can still travel now that you have children, and actually have fun? 
Do you want to travel more sustainably, but are overwhelmed and are not sure where to start?

This book will help you make responsible and sustainable choices before, during and after your trip. It will also help you to navigate travelling with children and will give you tips and inspiration for how to raise resilient, responsible kids who will grow to love travel as much as you do! 

With detailed advice about all kinds of travel and stories from parents and grandparents around the world, this book is a step-by-step guide to how to travel more responsibly with kids. It is essentially a blueprint for making travelling with kids both enjoyable and responsible.

“A well-researched and well-presented facts and advice for responsible travellers, especially the parents who want their children to explore the world and learn about different countries, their culture, people and biodiversity. And how to be a responsible traveller and help the local community.  Also, the live experiences of travellers makes it an interesting read.

A must read for everyone who loves to travel responsibly”.  Poonam K Malhotra, Founder-Editor, Conscious Carma.

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