Sanya Garg, born in a family of medical professionals, Sanya didn’t follow in their footsteps, rather went on to carve a niche for herself in the fashion industry.

by Team Conscious Carma

Inspired by her mother and her maternal grandmother who used to stitch beautiful clothes for her, Sanya was intrigued by the varied textiles, colours, and patterns they use to design for her. Soon after passing out of school, she showed her interest to pursue fashion and inspite of objecting her decision, her family encouraged and supported her.

The Delhi girl went to NIFT, Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat for her formal education in Fashion.  She came back to Delhi after the course and worked for an Export House for a year and then worked with a renowned designer for a year.  However, her zest to have her own label and create what she really believes in, she set out to launch her sustainable fashion label, SANYA GARG.

In her own words….

“My love for colour and creativity led me to explore the beautiful Indian crafts and embroideries. I work with artisans from Gujarat and Rajasthan, two of the most vibrant states of the Country.  And with natural fabrics and even create my own fabrics using various natural fibres”, says the enthusiastic designer.

Sustainable fashion aims to create clothing that is environment friendly and is ethically made by providing better working conditions and a fair pay to its workers and employees. Sustainability not only plays a positive role in preventing climate change, it also helps in creating long lasting clothes of higher quality. You do have to pay a little more for them but they stay in your wardrobe for years. 

I am glad to see the change in consumers mindset as well. Now a days people come to me with old clothes from the wardrobes of their mother or granny for redesigning them  and creating a new outfit which can fit in today’s fashion. Using a garment and not reusing it is a waste of resource.

Sustainable clothing has started making its mark in the Indian market. From paying workers fairly to use of natural dyes.  However, the idea of creating a sustainable wardrobe is still a daunting one. There is a prospect of not being able to wear the brand you are used to or is of your choice in terms of trends. This mindset needs to be changed.

Though, Sustainability is not new in Indian market. Most of our leaders and fighters have always promoted the use of swadesi and organic fabrics for making their attires.

Gone are the days when organic fashion was synonyms with the old boring clothes. The young Indians are realizing that they can contribute to saving the planet while looking good at the same time.

Hurdles and Milestones

Being a woman entrepreneur from a non-business family, initially, Sanya did face difficulty in managing everything on her own, from creating designs to sourcing fabrics, overseeing production and ensuring timely delivery, but she never gave up.  Within a couple of years, she could establish her brand in the market and orders started pouring in through word of mouth and social media. And soon she launched her Menswear collection.

Today, her label is  known for stylish and innovative ethnic wear and has a loyal customer base in Delhi and NCR.  She’s also exporting to Israel. Sanya has participated in several fashion weeks in India

Latest collection

Taking inspiration from the age old craft of Kutch Gujarat : lipan kaam ( mud and mirror work ) we have created our new collection using cotton and silk as base fabrics with all hand work. This craft is done by the women of Rabari community. The women are so experienced that they don’t have to draw or trace the pattern before working on the design. The craft attracted our attention for its intricate patterns and aesthetic perfection.


She is presently retailing from a multi-designer store in Delhi. Her label will soon be available in leading multi designer stores in Delhi and Ahmedabad.

Mission & Vision

To make SANYA GARG, a high-end label and to have her signature studio in Delhi

To check out her collection, please visit her instagram page sanyagargcouture

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