Mitti Ke Rang – A social venture to empower women across the country

by Team Conscious Carma

Hailing from Bhusawal, Maharashtra, Amit Jain, Co-founder, MItti Ke Rang, was barely  3 years old when he lost his father. His grandfather opened a tailoring shop for his mother and his cousins supported them which helped him to survive.

After graduation, Jain came to Pune in 2012 with 1,000 INR to look for a job and within a month’s struggle got a job at The Bank of New York Mellon. And his life took a drastic change.

Mitti Ke Rang took shape

He was lucky to get support from his relatives during their struggling day, now when he had enough, he wanted to help and support the needy. In 2014, he started a social group with Saket Deshmukh, where they started collecting clothes from people and donating them NGOs and slum areas. Soon volunteers started joining them and their group started getting bigger, and they named it Mitti Ke Rang (MKR).  For a couple of years, they kept doing various social activities alongwith their full-time jobs.

Having realized  there were many women in their community Pune, looking for opportunities to earn a livelihood, In 2019, Amit took a drastic step and left his cushy bank job to give MKR his full time and attention and help empower women economically..

Soon, they started training women entrepreneurs to make cloth and paper bags and got a few orders which helped them introduce more products for Diwali like tea light candles and sold more than 52,000 units in 40 days and generated Rs 17,500 each for five women entrepreneurs.

After Diwali, Amit decided to backpack across India, to meet women entrepreneurs across rural areas and understand the women entrepreneur ecosystem and challenges they faced in their businesses. “I had a plan to backpack across India covering Kanyakumari to Kashmir, Arunachal to Bombay. I started from Mumbai and went till Kanyakumari, then from there till Arunachal Pradesh. Then a lockdown happened due to which I got stuck in Guwahati for 70 days”, says the young social entrepreneur

During that journey, he met a lot of women entrepreneurs in different cities and after interacting with them, concluded that while many women want to start their own business, technology and social media as a means to promote and sell their products posed a big challenge for them.

“We thought that we already have a platform, so why not assist all such women entrepreneurs with the platform to ease the process and help them get the customers from across the globe. And by end of December 2020,  they started full-fledged operations of their e-commerce site by end of December 2020. We feel proud to say the MKR turned the Covid crisis into an opportunity for several women entrepreneurs. Many of them started the business at home as an experiment and now they are looking at making it mainstream and expanding it”.

Roadblocks and important milestones

There were many roadblocks, when we took this full time we did not have a full-proof plan of what products we would be making. Then, slowly we kept improvising. When we thought now we have some good plan, Covid came in. Everything got halted for some time.

Initially, Logistics was a big challenge and making people aware of the platform. But, over a period of time with everyone’s support and hardwork, we were able to pass all hurdles and create more livelihood opportunities for women entrepreneurs.

In a year of launch of our e-Commerce platform, we have bagged 5,281 Ordersfor our women entrepreneurs from all over the country. Also, we have onboarded more than 200+ Women entrepreneurs from 25 states in India.  And, Shipped to more than 250+ cities, and 5 countries.

Your mission and vision

Amit, all of 30 years and Saket 33, are currently bootstrapping this beautiful social venture and are aiming to support more and more women entrepreneurs with livelihood opportunities by selling online through Mitti Ke Rang

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