Lavanya – A  Natural Handmade Produce, from the Himalayas, Uttrakhand

by Team Conscious Carma

Lavanya, a handamade, natural skincare brand from Uttarakhand, came into existence due to the skin allergy faced by  Megha Maheshwari, a hotelier and HR professional having worked with Taj group of hotels.  Her Mother in Law, Shiv Shakti Bhatnagar came to her rescue with natural homemade treatment based on Ayurveda.

“This sparked the idea of using our OWN heritage of Grand mother’s & Great Grand mother’s secrets of natural & homemade beauty recipes. Reviving forgotten recipes gave birth to Lavanya in October 2020”, says Megha

All its products are made of 100% Natural. Preservative- Free, Paraben-Free, Chemical Free, Cruelty-Free and Alcohol Free. And the raw materials are sourced under personal supervision & handpicked by Himalayan village women in Uttrakahand. These are then grinded in water mill (gharrat)

As our products are handmade there may be imperfections and their Shape, Size, Weight, Color may vary from each other but the authenticity of the raw materials is guaranteed


There are a few challenges as every start-up faces.  We are currently creating small batches. Also, our product range is in dry powder form  and not in ready to use format as we don’t use any preservatives.  We are exploring and experimenting with available local herbs to be used as natural preservatives.


We have sold to almost 1,000 customers till now and there is not even a single negative feedback. We are currently selling through Instagram and participating in government exhibition and through the word of mouth

Products being offered : 15 variants of soaps, 3 variants of body and face cream, 5 variants of Lip balm, Hair Oil, 4 variants of Face Pack, Face scrub, anti-acne pack, 3 variants of lip and body scrub and face oil.  Trials are under way to introduce body oil essential oils, navel oil and face and body wash


Our vision is to bring our vedic ayurvedic science back to the modern world which has better effects than synthetic chemicals, is reasonably priced and also provide a livelihood to our Himalayan villagers and help them sustain

Availability : Instagram

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