23:23 Designs: Sustainable products as unique as its name

by Team Conscious Carma

23:23 Designs & Sourcing is a young social enterprise, established in 2018, by a husband & wife duo to help the people and the planet. It is a creative and sustainable collection of traditional and contemporary crafts and all that which has evolved through the generations. The use of up-cycled, handmade and vintage materials is the foundation of their designs. They partner with a careful selection of organizations and directly with artisans to ensure that all artisans are fairly paid and treated.

A bootstrapped enterprise, the duo have managed to create a niche for themselves among the various stakeholders due to their hard work, ethical & transparent practices and professionalism.  Within a span of just two years, the journey of the brand towards its mission of bringing a change by connecting people to products & the planet for a greater good has had considerable milestones. 

23:23 Designs pencils


The mission of the company is to provide a means of livelihood to the marginalized section of society and protect the environment.  To accomplish the same, they skill them in creating sustainable lifestyle products and help sell their products   Creating a beautiful partnership between the people and the planet to survive and thrive is the mantra they swear by.

23:23 Designs works in the social development sector with other NGOs, SHGs (Self-help groups),  trusts & societies, clusters & social enterprises and supports market linkages, product development & diversification, project management, skill development & capacity building, retail management, business development, education & training.

The year 2021 saw the launch of their online marketplace, a one-stop shop for everything sustainable, handcrafted and made ethically. The platform extensively promotes social enterprises, young startups and women-led organizations.

“Working as aggregators and facilitating market linkages, 23:23 Designs currently supports and Impacts 4000+ beneficiaries Pan India. We broadly cover products like recycled paper, sustainable stationery, handloom textiles, natural grass basketry, organic food, skincare and much more. And the crafts we are bringing to the fore are, terracotta & ceramics, woodwork, handknitting, hand crochet & macrame, upcycled & sustainable solutions, etc” says Himanshu Pal, Co-founder 23:23 Designs.

“We are also working with renowned International & national Brands such as Anthropologie, TOAST, Nicobar, Iconic Fashions, Reliance Swadesh, and promoting Traditional Indian Craft on the World Map. For our customers, aesthetics with sustainable solutions is the core value of our products”, adds Himanshu.


A world where every citizen can live a safe, secure, and fulfilling life, in harmony with nature.


The brand believes the people, skills and heritage behind each product are just as beautiful as the product itself. These stories deserve to be told and revisited. With every product, we bring together a little bit of history that was lost somewhere in time. Each of our products beholds a story waiting to be told and we endeavour to be as transparent as possible in the storytelling part.


There are many social enterprises in India now, doing good and making an impact, we are one amongst them….But people do remember us, not just for the good we are doing but also for our Unique name….and as mentioned before, we are storytellers too…and this story is our favourite one….

23:23(Twenty Three: Twenty Three), is based on the concept of Synchronicity.

Synchronicity is a concept, which holds that events are “meaningful coincidences, they occur with no causal relationship yet seem to be meaningfully related. The Founders of 23:23 Designs saw double digits in timepieces, vehicles number plates, and many more “Meaningful Coincidences”. Synchronicity led us to, getting conscious of little occurrences as signs of being on the right path for a greater good.  The universe winks and nods at you from time to time, to let you know that you are treading on the path of doing good. Once you start noticing these little cosmic cairns, once you understand that you’re on a path at all, you’ll begin to see them everywhere. We believe that our unconscious yearning to give back to the community and planet led us to a conscious effort of starting 23:23 Designs & Sourcing.

Visit the website for more designs: https://2323designs.in

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