Wardrobe detox journey of Designer Cherry Nair

by Team Conscious Carma

An interesting journey of a Mumbai-based multitasker Cherry Nair from being a die-hard shopaholic to sustainable and sensible shopper.

“In a world that’s obsessed with shopping, I choose solitude! Hugging trees, dancing with the wind, and collecting pinecones!”, Cherry Nair

These would not be my words a few years back!
Cherry is the Director in her family business, fashion designer, plant-mom and content creator. Originally from Kerala, Cherry is currently based out of Mumbai where she lives by herself in a cozy apartment that is decorated mainly with natural, upcycled, cruelty free and ethically made items. 

She’s a proud owner of a minimal clutter-free closet – she parted ways with over 2000 pieces from her wardrobe in exchange for peace of mind and an authentic signature style. (In a box)

Over a decade ago, on our annual family holiday in Dubai – I danced in glee in Forever 21, splurging and shopping the latest season as if it were my last days to spend. I was swoon away by the enchantment of being in H&M, filling my baskets with blouses, sweaters, and dresses. I was strutting from one shop to another in search of sky-high heels which I intended to wear once in its lifetime! Every cell in my body would cry with joy each time I stepped out of a store with shopping bags larger than my frame!

On returning home from my holidays, I would stack each item one by one with love making promises of “Till death do us apart”. Days, weeks, and months went by and slowly with that my happiness every time I opened my wardrobe. I felt uneasy, restless, and confused!

I had over 2000 pieces of clothing and yet I had nothing to wear!!!!!

Every morning I would open my closet and look left to right at the kaleidoscope of colours around me. Prints dancing on pyjamas, fringes, and frills on dresses! Ahhh, I had everything a girl could dream of! And somehow it left me feeling more and more dissatisfied. My wardrobe had become the cause of my disappointment and decision fatigue. I would spend hours in front of the mirror trying to put together a cohesive outfit only to leave the house feeling unpolished and uninspired.

I started to dig deep within myself to find answers. I refused to sleep till my closet confusion was a thing of the past! I prayed to all the heavenly angels, witches and God’s seeking their assistance to take my shopping curse away!

And abracadabra – a sustainable witch cast a spell on me!

And BOOM, there went my old shopping habits out of the window!
With the cast of her spell, the reasons I shopped came to the surface.

I shopped out of addiction.
I shopped to impress people I didn’t like.
I shopped to cover up my depression.
I shopped to fit in.
I shopped out of impulse.

It came to me as a strong hard punch in the face that I didn’t like more than half of the clothes I owned, they didn’t reflect who I was, my values and beliefs and neither were they relevant to my current lifestyle!

Was I a mindless hoarder? Yes, I was, and I changed it! How you ask?

I conducted a serious Wardrobe Detox.  What started with a simple cleaning ritual turned into nothing less than a surgical Strike. I eliminated pieces I no longer needed or resonated with in exchange for a smaller wardrobe, minimal lifestyle, and peace of mind.

I sold, distributed, and upcycled pieces from my closet. And let me tell you, it felt liberating!!! My wardrobe and me were ready to be reincarnated.

And in my quest to become a sustainable & sensible shopper – I decided to QUIT!
Quit shopping for as long as I could and as often as I could – it started with 3 months, that turned into 6 and eventually 18 months!

And there I was standing tall on top of the mountain – celebrating my victory of an uncluttered closet and no new purchases in 18 months! Not breaking the bank on new outfits made me relook my existing wardrobe and reinvent styles from the pieces I owned.

Today, I shop in seldom.
My purchases are frugal, intentional, and mindful. I realised that while Forever 21 makes me feel younger, it ages the earth!
I learnt the art of living is less is actually living with more.
I no longer spent time chasing the right outfits – the right outfits chase me!
For me shopping is now a soulful experience and clothes are an extension of my personality that I want to put out for the world to see!

I finally have a wardrobe I actually like that aligns with the highest version of myself and is a source of my happiness. 
My Wardrobe Detox journey has been a fun and fulfilling experience and I see how decluttering my wardrobe helped me declutter my life and create the space for better experiences and things to manifest.

I now help busy women find their signature style, detox their wardrobes (and lives) consciously through Wardrobe Detox, a free Facebook group where I spill all my secrets to detox any wardrobe effectively!

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