Niraa – a sustainable contemporary wear label

by Team Conscious Carma

The Ideology

At the epitome of elegance and comfort, Niraa is a sustainable contemporary-wear label whose garments mirror the qualities borne by our Mother Earth. Handcrafted and hand-woven, Niraa aspires to stay true to its rich Indian heritage along with unveiling its subtly well designed and timeless attire. Chosen from a variety of ambient hues, these garments are an ultimate personification of relevance and utility. These minimal, classic drapes and clean cuts in handloom fabrics are nothing short of a luxury suited to seasons across the country and a solace against humid climates. They are prized by the efforts of artisans and their captivating crafts which have done justice to the Niraa label. Not only do these garments radiate exuberance, but have also been crafted in a sustainable environment, ensuring to revive the Indian handloom and various textiles of India. An evident selection of affection & ardour, dip into an incarnation of your ethereal- self adorning Niraa.

Niraa was created with an intention of shunning away the notions of having a perfect body and cherishing age-old traditional textile methods. Niraa makes anti-fit silhouettes, that fall beautifully on the bodies of all shapes and sizes without being clingy. Drafted on the softest and imperfectly unique natural fabrics, Niraa’s pieces are here to celebrate the perennial craftsmanship of the weavers. Each piece is unique in its inception, is sustainable, is created with love that’s handcrafted. These, one of a kind pieces can be cherished and worn delightfully even after 10 years.’ The part of nature that they are they will easily meet the nature as they came into being. These garments are a celebration of femininity of all shapes and sizes.

The struggles and the triumphs

“Being a woman owned start-up the struggles are inevitable and are many. We faced a challenge to sustain the start-up as there is a growing competition in the e-commerce world. It is not at all easy to build  trust and get sales but yes as time passes it is no more a struggle for us. It was difficult initially to be sustainable in terms of raw materials, as there were very few sustainable options available in the market to choose from, also the price points were high so to make an affordable product was taking either the customers from us or was not getting enough profit to us. The struggle with a small brand is to make a cost effective product as we don’t deal in bulk quantity. But we would say as the consumer is becoming more aware of sustainability and sustainable practices, the struggles are decreasing though not completely but we are hoping for a brighter future for sustainable start-ups”, says Jyoti Jain, fashion designer-stylist and the creative-head of NIRAA.

The passion

“While learning the nuances of fashion at the Pearl Academy, in the first three years of my fashion study, I knew little about my style, my forte, my talent. To put it in plain words, I just “learnt” what I was taught. We were encouraged to know  the crafts of India and do projects on them. While doing the projects little did I know that I would fall in love with Indian handloom and crafts and enjoy collecting as much information and skills as I could. My graduating collection was the turning point, I realised my love for weaving which till then was only in my sub-conscious mind.  My deep-never-ending love surfaced and desire to work in the Indian handloom, weaving and craft designing became even more ardent. And gradually I found that Indian textiles are becoming sustainable and thus I incorporated sustainability in my brand so I could do something for our planet and for our next generations. NIRAA is a product of my awareness of fashion and responsiveness towards the planet , my whole-hearted attempt to do something contemporary while keeping myself grounded deep to my heritage”, adds the passionate designer.

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