Inkpikle : Peserving country’s heritage of fabrics just like a homemade pickle

by Team Conscious Carma

Inkpikle tastes much like itself – A homemade pickle, with a tangy quirky nostalgic flavour that preserves a century old Fabric khadi/hand spun.

Aathira Mannali, a NIFT graduate always wanted to create her own label and wanted to do it consciously. The label was conceptualized in 2016, however was inactive from 2018 to 2021 as Aathira was relocated to Dubai after wedding. Having worked as designer with  companies in Bangalore and Dubai before taking a 4 year sabbatical and finally returning to Indian to relaunch her brand alongwith her husband Rahul Mangalath, an MBA and an expert in financial operations and passionate about doing his own business.

Success Mantra   

 “It is not just green choices in the food we eat and the air we breathe but to make tiny changes in our wardrobe too”, says the duo. All the prints are signature prints designed in house by Aathira, who is constantly inspired from everyday mundane objects and also the places she has travelled and wishes to travel. While Aathira is the creative head Rahul takes the role of management marketing and finance for the Organization. They both are different but they have mutual respect and trust and they have fun doing this together.

The brand philosophy

Inkpikle  believes that plush could be slow and sustainable and that global can be homebound. We take pride in celebrating the handspun, one that creates zero carbon footprint, is so versatile andeco friendly. It  lends our clothes a certain charm and authentic character. Its irregularities and imperfections makes its beauty unmatched. Khadi is such a significant fabric from our heritage after all it won us freedom. It is the brand philosophy that we have to embrace Indian to make it global.

Our fabric is handspun and handwoven from skilled artisans across remote villages in West Bengal, Indiawhom we mutually benefit in enriching their ecosystems, strengthening their livelihood and improving our fastidiousness to research the textile. All our prints are designed in studio and printed by skilled craftsmen in Kerala, India. We believe  in simple silhouettes and thoughtful ethos of print.

We connect with people who cherish their clothes and find meaning in them. Somehow our lives have been conditioned to bring us back home with the flavour of the pickle, to  the air of saffron or the kolam patterns afresh as morning ragas.

We ink them all, all of these stories always muted but bold with an element of surprise. We have global plans and we take the Gandhian chic many miles forward.

Inkpikle’s latest collection of Sarees

The Inkpikle saree caters to any age group. As saree itself is so timeless and classic, Inkpikle wanted to experiment in this category and has now received an overwhelming response. The Inkpikle saree is never flashy but versatile. It is for your everyday and festive occasions ,effortlessly making a statement . Wearing an Inkpikle saree is almost like wearing a poem or wearing a mood. It surely is an escape. “Every saree tells has a story to say and the wearer truly is someone who has a distinct charm and cherishes our clothes”, adds the proud frounders.


Inkpikle has global plans. They aim at expansion and venturing into all apparel categories and lifestyle products.

Availability : Instagram inkpikle (website coming soon)

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