The Hemp Studio for a guilt free and pro environment fabric shopping

by Team Conscious Carma

The Hemp Studio is a planet-first slow fashion brand. We aim to not only inspire but provide means for the shift to Sustainable Fashion. 

Our Cause

In recent years, the term sustainability has gained traction and people have started caring for the environment. People have started watching what they eat and turning to all things organic in aim to reduce hazards to the environment. We have become conscious about using plastics and the tremendous amount of waste being gathered in landfills, devoid of the scope of decomposition. We talk about Grossly Polluting Industries (GPIs) like power plants, chemical units, pulp and paper plants, distilleries, causing immense water pollution.

One thing many of us fail to understand is that one of the three basic needs – Clothing – is also one of the Grossly Polluting Industries. Studies indicate 5% of all landfill waste, 20% of industrial water pollution and 10% carbon emissions globally comes from the textile industry. The textile industry harms land and water both due to extensive use of pesticides and fertilizers. 

To meet the international goal of limiting global warming to 1.5C, emissions will need to drop by half by 2030 and reach net-zero by mid-century, but as per reports most industries are progressing far too slowly to meet their targets. 

There is a dire need of decarbonizing using sustainable alternatives, reducing the carbon footprints in every industry and work on reversing the adverse effects already caused till date.

Our brand The Hemp Studio was born out of this very need

Hemp Studio by its very nature tackles the environment related issues other fibres bring to the table, that’s why we call it Nature’s BFF. It can grow with little to no need of chemicals and instead enriches the soil where it grows, to the extent that it even works as a cover crop and acts as a carbon sink to reduce greenhouse gases

That’s why we’ve developed Hemp fabrics to help people shop new clothes guilt-free and pro-environment.

Moreover, Hemp has excellent durability, is anti-microbial and protects your skin from harmful UV rays. It gets softer with every wash and its breathable nature enables it to regulate your body temperature making it the perfect all-season wear

Our Journey

Unlike our recently launched brand, the team behind The Hemp Studio is not a newly constituted team. We have been in the Textile Industry for almost a decade now with a constant focus on sustainable textiles.

We started off with Linen yarns in 2012 and entered Linen fabric manufacturing in 2015. 

As John F. Kennedy said, “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other”. While we were educating people about how sustainability and premium wear can go hand in hand, we ourselves learnt about the Sustainable Wonder Crop “Hemp”.

In 2018 we laid foundation of a separate division to focus on Hemp alone. After over a year of R&D and making small quantities of Hemp fabrics we launched a portfolio of 50+ fabrics with stock availability in the B2B market just before the lockdown.

Fortunately, the lockdown kind of worked in Hemp’s favour since the industry got time to study about the benefits of this fabric. We had exceptional response to our fabrics and often found ourselves short of stock since many start-ups, designers and garment brands emerged in the lockdown.

The final milestone for us was to expand our reach and bridge the gap between us and the end consumer through our own brand. The Hemp Studio aims to enlighten the masses about Hemp and offer easy access to sustainable clothing.

Since our online store launch in October, we have received an overwhelming response. The thing we love most is that people are curious about hemp, and many are eager to connect with us. We’ve got several people reaching us on WhatsApp to gain knowledge about Hemp before buying and even take suggestions from us while making a choice from our 100+ fabric options

With the lovely response we have taken further efforts towards our cause and have eliminated plastic in our packaging. Our fabrics are packed in handy bags made from surplus cotton/linen fabrics, which the customer could either reuse or pass on to the needy. 

We have also switched to 100% wood-free handmade seed paper, made from cotton scrap, for our little Thank You cards as an effort to further reduce our collective carbon footprint by gifting a plant with each order.

Our Products

We bring you intricate patterns woven right into the fabric in our Jacquard collections.

The Stripe/Checks collection takes you back to classics with its white and natural stripe/checks patterns.

Piece Dyed collection offers a range of light and deep solid colours whereas our Yarn Dyed collection brings unique shades in the fabric by its one side dyed pattern.

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