Smooth-i-licious: self-care that is not only kind to your skin but the planet too!

by Team Conscious Carma

Smooth-i-licious, a traditional, nature-adoring, self-care brand that provides products without any nasties. The products are plant-based, eco-friendly and handcrafted with careful consideration and mindfulness to help elevate your self-care routine as well as protect the environment. 

Sanjoli, the 25 years old visual artist based in Amritsar, Punjab, is behind smooth-i-licious. “I created this brand because  I have always been into natural, traditional, plant-based skincare. Going out for those chemical-based facials and products was never my cup of tea. Also being a nature admirer, I am very well aware of the herbs, oils and all that nature has given us. So, here I decided to share my skincare – a form of self-care with all”, says Sanjoli.

“It all started in 2020 when covid and lockdown hit us. To me, it was a great time to rediscover myself, get creative and study something in deep that I haven’t ever thought I would. I deeply studied botanical ingredients, learnt formulations, found formulas through trial and error and always used a range of testers to make sure the final product is as perfect as it can be. The products offered under my brand are totally natural, eco-friendly and prepared with full concentration and mindfulness using the best quality ingredients. I hope to inspire my customers to make a conscious change to their self-care ritual and daily lives by cutting out harsh chemicals and single-use plastic”, says the proud young woman.

Treat yourself Smooth-i-licious and watch as our products rejuvenate and nourish neglected self-care rituals.

Smooth-i-licious products

Top-picks from our collection: 

. BOTANICAL NEEM FACE MASK: Neem leaves can do wonders in treating acne, as it has antimicrobial properties. Our neem face mask is great for getting glowing skin. It penetrates into the skin to moisturize it from within.

2. 24k GOLD BEAUTY SERUM: Nourishing, hydrating, repairing, gold blended rejuvenating serum for all skin types and concerns. Our serum pampers skin with a dose of moisture, leaving it supple, and smooth, youthful-looking with a flawless shine.

3. NEEM WOODEN COMBS: Our neem combs are made from pure neem wood and are eco-friendly. They do a great deal of good to your scalp health. Regular combing with these combs inhibit dandruff as well as scalp infections and reduce hair fall.

All our products are handcrafted right from formulating recipes to packaging the goodies. Every step of the way! Also, our products are natural, plant-based, curated with skin-loving oils and butter. There’s no usage of parabens, sulphates and silicons. Our products are sustainable and earth-friendly, aiming to make sustainable self-care as accessible as possible.  The young and confident Sanjoli has ambitious plans for the future as she’s looking at opening a physical store in future and also participate in various exhibitions and events to reach out to promote her brand and reach out to more and more consumers.  

Availability: Smooth-i-licious is available through its Instagram account at present.

They will be soon coming out with their website.

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