Tamanu Balm by Kamree

by Team Conscious Carma

An organic balm from Kamree known as Tamanu Balm is an antioxidant-rich skin product that repairs damaged skin and provides nourishment to stretch mark-prone skin. The balm relieves those suffering from serious skin issues such as psoriasis, eczema, hyperpigmentation and skin burn caused by UV rays, as well as minor skin concerns such as premature ageing, open pores, stretch marks, pigmentation and cracked heels. It reduces collagen growth, protects against almost all skin issues, and helps in healthy skin cell growth.

Kamree Tamanu Balm is made up of organic products, where each ingredient has its own unique skin healing properties. It is made from Tamanu Oil which has anti-inflammatory properties along with cocoa and butter that help in hydration and skin nourishment. Common issues such as skin itching, cuts, and bruises are cured by shea butter, another ingredient is Kokum butter which helps in the production of healthy skin cells.

The balm also includes Raspberry and Almond oil, which is the richest source of Vitamin A, repairs the skin texture, and helps in collagen growth. Vitamin E in the balm protects the skin against the harmful effects of UV rays and also against the effects of free radicals. The presence of Cranberry oil in the Tamanu balm strikes out skin inflammation and irritation by nourishing and toughening up the protective skin layer. Jojoba Oil is another ingredient that has hydrating and nourishing properties that moisturize the skin and provides relief.

This balm is also safe for kids and helpful in treating nappy rashes and insect bites. It is natural and has no side effects on the baby’s skin. Price: INR 999/-

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