Get the perfect summer skin with I AM LOVE’s Acne (-ve) and Spotless

by Team Conscious Carma

~I AM LOVE provides it’s bestseller products as a solution to all skin care problems due to summer and heat
Taking care of one’s skin during summer can be a hassle. The heat and humidity often causes a number of skin problems and irritations such as acne breakouts, pigmentations and oily skin. Skin problems can lead to insecurities and cause interruptions in your daily life. I AM LOVE promises a break from all the skin related issues with its bestseller products Acne (-ve) and Spotless

I AM LOVE is an Indian Nutraceutical Health and Skincare Brand that develops solutions for surface level application to work on the root cause for wellness. The products are pure, clean and have science backed fusion of ingredients sourced from all over the world in them.

Acne (-ve) is formulated to control the oil glands and inhibits facial sebum production leading to a clearer, mattified bright skin with no room for acne production. It includes an intensive hydrating blend of Barberry extracts, grape fruit extracts and Hyaluronic Acid giving oil feel, supple and plump skin. The formula is developed to beat the summer heat and give glowing skin.

Spotless is a combination of scientific and natural innovations. It removes and fades acne spots, pigmentation, melasma and any dark spots leaving a more even skin and brighter skin tone.It is a blend of powerful herbs like Polypodium, Centella Asiatica, Solanum Lycopersicum, Green Tea and Astaxanthin to help against damaging free radicals, increase the skin’s collagen production, prevent neurological damage. The anti pigment properties help deal with irritation caused by the heat and lead to skin brilliance. 

Speaking about these products and the thought behind them, Shilpa Rathi, Founder and CEO, I Am Love, said, “I know the troubles and pain one goes through due to summer time heat and the effects it has on one’s skin. It is incredibly important to take care of your skin during these days. I AM LOVE’S Acne (-ve) and Spotless are two of our bestsellers. They have been the preferred choice for our customers as it gives marvellous results in such weather conditions.”

About I Am Love:

I AM LOVE came into existence in early 2020, with the aim of redefining the relationship we have with our health. The brand blends science and natural innovation to deliver effective, yet gentle solutions. That means working with clinically proven ingredients, natural extracts as well as best practices from Ayurveda. The formulas are free from toxic preservatives, additives, artificial flavourings and artificial sweeteners, and the ingredients are qualitatively sourced.

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