Sanfe : natural and environment conscious intimate hygiene and skincare products for women

by Team Conscious Carma

At Sanfe, we take a sensible approach to self-care that’s body-positive, based on science, poured with natural ingredients, and environmentally conscious. Our products help women give their skin extra love and break out self-doubt by addressing the root cause of these issues with the natural ingredients formulation. We are catering to the unsaid and unheard needs of women like intimate skincare, body grooming, and daily hygiene. As You need care & love for the unseen. Because with Sanfe – It’s Safe!

Sanfe’s journey started with sustainable Intimate hygiene products like Stand and Pee, Bamboo Fibre Sanitary Napkins, Reusable Menstrual Cup etc. which evolved to intimate skincare. The products are designed keeping in mind to meet the consumer needs which doesn’t compromise nature and a sustainable future. We run a campaign #SanfeSustainableSwitch to educate users about sustainable living and how making a simple switch can be helpful for a better future. “It starts with a single move that you make towards nature, as a brand we are highly mindful at meeting consumer needs without compromising the quality and being mindful about the sustainable future via our products and intimate hygiene and lifestyle solutions.” Nalini Prasad, Sr. Brand Manager.

Some of Sanfe’s products include :

1)    Sanfe Reusable Menstrual Cup

Sanfe Menstrual cup is a sustainable choice for all. It is reusable for up to 10 years and can be recycled ensuring no harm to the planet. The cup is chemical-free, fragrance-free, and made of medical-grade silicone that is extremely safe. They are designed for long-term use and save cost. It comes with a breathable pink cotton pouch to ensure regular airflow when stored. It comes with a proper instruction manual to guide you on how to use it.

2)    Sanfe Stand And Pee

Sanfe’s Stand and Pee urinary device allow women to pee without squatting and having to make contact with the commode. The device opens up into a funnel so that women could stand and pee without the risk of UTI and other infections. It is also great for those with knee pain due to the strain of squatting and pregnant women.

It is made of biodegradable material, completely leak-proof, and easy to use. It is good for you and the environment.

3)    Sanfe Scented Panty Liners

Sanfe Scented Panty Liners, made of bamboo fiber, are specially designed with multi-layer absorption formula that can be used for everyday vaginal discharge, light menstrual blood flow, and light urinary incontinence. They are super thin, comfortable, and cause no rashes on the skin. These organic and disposable panty liners cause NO harm to your intimate areas or the environment.

4)     Sanfe Reusable Sanitary Pads

Sanfe reusable pads are a sustainable alternative to disposable plastic-based menstrual pads. Designed with True-Lock technology, they ensure hassle-free and comfortable periods that are both good for the environment and your pocket too! These reusable pads by Sanfe are soft and gentle on the skin to avoid any rashes or irritation that is common with disposable pads. They can be used for up to 12+ months. It is a sustainable and zero-waste product to cater to period care needs.

  • Sanfe Rash Free Bamboo Sanitary Pads

Sanfe Rash Free Bamboo Sanitary Pads are eco-friendly and free of any harmful chemicals, ingredients, and fragrances. Sanfe introduced an extensive range of organic sanitary pads for womxn to maintain their intimate health.

These organic padsare safe to use and designed to maintain good vaginal health. It doesn’t cause any irritation. Sanfe sanitary pads offeryou a 100% safe and worry-free period. The super hygienic and light-weighted pad keeps you healthy and comfortable even on a heavier flow day.

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