Pavitra bridges the online-offline gap in the field of spirituality and holistic living

by Team Conscious Carma

Health and Wellness brand Pavitra bridge the online-offline gap in the field of spirituality and holistic living

Pavitra integrates spirituality, sustainability and holistic living into an individual’s daily life with an aim to create an ecosystem of socially conscious, natural and all-rounded wellbeing of the community. It is an e-commerce entity with a multi-dimensional focus on the wellness of the mind, body and soul yearning to promote a lifestyle change, one that is eco-friendly while taking people back to the purity of their roots.

Fostering this lifestyle, Pavitra offers products and services across several categories making it a one-stop-shop to purchase conscious jewellery, sustainable clothing, idols alongside Poshak (clothing), jewellery and accessories for all deities and end-to-end samigrihi for pujas at home. One can place an order for stunning artworks made by local artisans and painters while their product line extends to include home accents, beauty and wellness as well as conscious food.

Pavitra is known to organize rituals covering all milestones possible in an individual’s lifetime. From Nāma-Karaņ, Shudhi Karan, Mundan, Upanayana (Thread Ceremony), Vivah Samsara to Shradh, they are experts in planning conscious birthdays and weddings including pre-wedding celebrations as well. All this, in addition to other religious and festive occasions like Janmashtami, Ganesh Chaturthi, Dussehra, Laxmi Puja, Vastu Shanti, Paath and Kirtan among many revelries that can be executed seamlessly by Pavitra both offline as well as online through various virtual mediums. Being committed to an individual’s holistic growth, they offer one-on-one yoga, aura healing, counselling and sessions on Astrology and the Ayurvedic or Satvik way of life. They also organize group eco-retreats and customised pilgrimage trips for families and friends.

To encourage a more balanced and a centred approach to life, one can attend daily meditation classes, cooking workshops and transformational webinars by eminent speakers to help navigate the complexities on a daily. These webinars throw light on various spiritual and lifestyle topics, transforming perceptions and imbibing positivity in people’s overall outlook towards living.

“The concept of Pavitra is not just about encouraging a conscious way of living but also to provide people with products and services that allow families to adopt such a lifestyle. We are a unique e-commerce platform that believes in women empowerment and our mission is to be inclusive while uplifting various sections of our society. Our process involves training underprivileged women from neighbouring villages, providing employment by involving them in our manufacturing process while ensuring that a percentage of profits on every sale goes towards welfare programs for these women. For us at Pavitra, nothing is more important than bolstering women from all walks of life to reach their maximum potential, becoming self-sufficient and self-reliant. Together we want to build a sustainable community, one that we can proudly pass on as a legacy to future generations”.

said Radharani Priya, Advisor, Pavitra while talking about their ideology .

The brand is also a frontrunner in organizing fundraisers for various causes including women empowerment, children’s education and treatment for cancer patients. Pavitra aims to build a spiritually aware and enlightened community with a vision to integrate natural and eco-friendly products into their daily lives while partaking in holistic programs, interactive seminars and wellness discourses.

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