MOOL (Made Out Of Love) – a social fashion brand launched aiming to redefine the power of purchase

by Team Conscious Carma

#FashionForChange an initiative towards future-proofing the next generation, today

Launched Recently, MOOL – Made Out Of Love is a social fashion brand that has the cutest collection of apparel that portrays the artwork of little artists from under-served communities. Every purchase of MOOL apparel will go onto benefitting the little artists with the provision of a fully funded quality education and generate employment for women and men who previously lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic. After the purchase, the buyers are provided login credentials for a donor page, where they will be able to track the child’s progress. This can be tracked on MOOL’s donor portal so they can see where every penny spent is utilized. There’s a need for the world to be kinder and these young impressionable minds will make up the next generation who have the potential to affect that change. Along with its philanthropic partner, Muskurahat Foundation which works on the holistic development of these children, MOOL aims to fulfil the mutual vision of future-proofing the next generation by empowering them today.

Speaking about MOOL, its Founder, Mr Himanshu Goenka, says, “The response we got during the launch and since then has been heartening. Having the customers resonate with the intent behind MOOL has reaffirmed our motto that doing good and doing well doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive. On the other hand, industry experts too have been very welcoming towards our ‘Business Not For Profit’ approach, intended at being a 100% social enterprise where all of its profits go back to the community.”

MOOL Products

mool apparel

The products feature designs that are adapted as it is from the childrens’ drawings. We conduct art therapy workshops with children from the under-served communities and the art that comes out from it is printed on our products. The proceeds of each product goes directly towards funding the quality education of the child for a year.

At the same time, the products itself are manufactured by people from the communities who are trained in tailoring and employed in our factory. Given the impact of Covid-19 on employment, people from the community where the factory is located are trained in tailoring and employed in manufacturing of the product. Thus generating a source of primary income where there has been loss of employment or a secondary income for women in the community to enable them to contribute to their household.

To create the impact that MOOL aims, their philanthropic partner Muskurahat Foundation – working with the under-served children in shelter homes and communities, leads the outreach and social impact arm of MOOL, aiming at providing quality education to children along with a focus on key aspects such as upbringing, life skill development, and mental well-being.

Redefining the power of purchase Mool invites you to be a part of the child’s journey. Ensuring  the contribution doesn’t end at the purchase, access to the donor portal will let a buyer track the child’s progress in real time. The portal is designed with the aim to connect the buyer to the child they are supporting and see for themselves the impact they are creating by a single purchase.

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