Maev Eco: Join the journey to turn India into an eco-conscious oasis

by Team Conscious Carma

Sustainable Living is based on minimizing waste, entails purchasing and using products that are durable and help the environment. Maev Eco is committed to helping you create aesthetically beautiful homes with their sustainable range of products while empowering Indian artisans for curating these products with their impeccable craftsmanship.

“Facing economic issues from Demonetization during MBA placements to Covid19, the journey has been challenging. But with the help of my family, I could start up my entrepreneur journey. During the lockdown, I wanted to grow plants but realised they were mostly sold in plastic pots. This further drew my attention to how most Indian households were drowning more in plastic or other synthetic materials than in natural products. It is a depiction of how humans treat the planet. I began to lay down a business plan for eco-conscious living. There was no other way than going sustainable” says founder Mauli Shah. “Also, I have been brought up in Uganda and a big lover of nature and wildlife. I guess that inclined me towards an eco-friendly start up” adds Mauli

Most people we know aspire to live green. However, seldom do we encounter conversations that simplify what going green in our daily lives mean. Thus, when I began my journey with Maev Eco, turning Indian homes eco-friendly, I was determined to begin a conversation to share knowledge.

Being the founder of a start-up that solely focuses on eco-friendly products, the most essential task is to share knowledge on how to reduce waste and use of plastic in our day-to-day chores. And before doing so, I made sure I incorporate those practices myself. Going green means breaking a habit which is extremely difficult. From changing your toothbrush to separating your wastes, we have a long way to go.  However, it has brought a positive change in my life and given me assurance to keep on adapting, and being a small part of the green movement.

India has been endowed with a variety of natural fibres and it has been using them for all possible purposes and always been an exporter of raw materials as well finished products of natural fibres. Traditionally, all natural fibres were used for hyper local needs and rarely found space in big city markets. But in recent years, the awareness of eco-friendly merchandises made from natural fibres, with their resourcefulness and strength, have caught the attention of urban consumers.

I began my research understanding about Bamboo harvest and its importance to India. Bamboos are among the quickest growing plants on the earth and are an integral a part of the cultural, social and economic tradition. Bamboo is a smart substitute for plastics and implements together with new styles and improved technologies. It’s additionally an ecologically property raw material which can offset the exploitation of our forests. This research opened a gateway to other sustainable materials which include Rattan, Sabai Grass, jute and cotton macramé. Each and every raw material is not just eco-friendly but also provide employment opportunities to a huge group of people and support their households. 

Maev Eco started its journey with Bamboo self-care kit which includes bamboo toothbrush, tongue scraper, box of ear buds and a neem comb. We received a very positive response for toothbrushes and neem comb. It was overwhelming to see the enthusiasm towards sustainable products. We have now moved on to provide a variety of products for personal hygiene, storage, organizing and décor.

Going Green is simpler if we decide to choose one new task daily. It can start with encouraging your sabziwala to get rid of plastic bags by providing better equally affordable alternative. It may be turning your old clothes into grocery bags, or it can be by utilising things that you already own in multi-purpose ways.

It all comes down to consciously choosing to Slay Sustainably every day.

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