Let’s have a Green Diwali for a Healthy Us and a Healthy Planet

by Team Conscious Carma

Diwali, the festival of lights, celebrates the victory of good over evil.  Lord Ram killed Ravan and returned home to Ayodhya after an exile of 14 years. The entire kingdom was lighted with diyas to welcome him, signifying the end of darkness and new beginnings.

All over the country, people celebrate it with great fervor, wearing new clothes, exchanging gifts with near and dear ones, lighting their homes and offices, bursting crackers, etc.

Celebrations and festivities do add cheer and positivity and when done in the right manner, it helps keep the environment safe and protected.  This Diwali, let’s celebrate consciously and make a difference.  

  • Let’s light earthern diyas instead of lights
  • Let’s wear something which is lying in our wardrobe for quite sometime.  Or let’s wear a saree from our granny’s wardrobe and give her a pleasant surprise.
  • Let’s buy locally made sustainable gifts 
  • Let’s not burn crackers, instead let’s plant crackers   
  • Let’s think about our pets and strays who get scared from loud noise.
  • Let’s think about people who are already suffering from air borne diseases, let’s not aggravate their problem
  • Let’s bring smiles on everyone this DIWALI

Let’s indulge in the following green options this Diwali and brighten up the festive spirit

Conscious gifting collection from BEEJ

An amazingly stunning collection handcrafted from premium cork,  BEEJ has come out with special  handcrafted products for the festive season. BEEJ, a renowned label for bags and accessories made from plant-based materials, responsibly sourced from across the globe, the brand takes pride in their supply chain transparency and commitment to consciousness.

Beej’s festive range includes wine bags, photo frames, coaster sets, multi-purpose stand and men’s accessories, etc

“With this collection, we’d like to nudge festive gifting in a more mindful direction. Handcrafted, and thoughtful, we hope to give people options that are great for gifting and for the planet. And like our product, our  packaging too is zero plastic and zero waste”, says its founder Arundhati Kumar.

Contact : www.studiobeej.com

Nandi products from DHYAN FOUNDATION

Cow has been called as “Dhenu” (the giver),  by the vedic seers. Her gift to mankind is not just limited to milk, she is infact, the bestower of all bounties.

Dhyan Foundation is housing thousands of injured, abandoned and stray cows and bulls at over 40 gaushalas all over India. Towards making these gaushalas self-sustainable, hand-made, eco-friendly  Nandi Products were started, that make use of cow dung and urine.  These products also put forth an important message that our cows and bulls are relevant even when they are termed as ‘unproductive’.

The Festive range of nandi products include Green T-Lights made of soy wax and desi cow ghee, eco-friendly, non-toxic Incense Cones made of desi cow dung, herbs and essential oils, Aroma Candles made of soy wax and desi cow ghee blended with essential oils to purify as well create a soothing atmosphere,  Panchgavya Diyas made of desi cow dung, curd, milk, desi ghee and gaumutra. It purifies the environment and the ash can be used as manure for plants. Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp to dissipates negativity and create a positive atmosphere and Diffuser Kits in marble and porcelain to be used with guggul and frankincense for a positive atmosphere.

“Every purchase saves a cow from slaughter and helps us preserve our culture for the future generations”

Contact  : +91-9999183378 ( Whatsapp only), www.nandidhyanfoundation.com https://www.dhyanfoundation.com/nandi-products.php

Crackers that nurture from LALIT GREENS

Celebrations are an integral part of human civilization. Celebrations are usually time for feasts, sweets, lights, sound, gifts, decorations and gatherings. Lalit Greens working with Beej Patra has come out with series of eco-friendly Plantable Seed Crackers which are made by rural women from recyclable material, exploitation-free & embedded with living seeds, are nature friendly & habitat-rejuvenating. Just sow, water and see these crackers hatch into beautiful plants that can be consumed after nurturing. Variety of Seed (Plantable) Crackers include Hemp Bomb, Onion Chakkar, Micro-green Ladli, Cucumber Rocket, Golden Shower, Coriander Tikli, Laxmi Bomb, Methi Roll, Loose Ladi & Genda Guard.

Edible Crackers are Homemade chocolates with variety of flavours such as Badam, Choco chips , Butterscotch , Strawberry , Orange and so on.

“Instead of burning crackers, lets opt for plantable and edible crackers this Diwali.”

Contact : Facebook/Instagram @Lalitgreens, +91-9168988881 (whatsapp)

Luxury home décor and furniture from SIROHI

Sirohi,  a sustainable home & lifestyle luxury  brand that advocates a slow and simple lifestyle based on values of Indian heritage and culture. The products are handwoven by skilled women artisans that are made from waste & salvaged materially locally generated in their region. To make sustainable marketable products for a global buyer, these artisans are even  being connected with designers from all over the globe to help them understand modern design sensibilities.

Sirohi is being supported by Skilled Samaritan Foundation. The Foundation provides income opportunities to women from marginalised communities in India by recognising their existing craft skills and providing them ‘tech-based’ design support to make well designed products.

Sirohi’s vibrant festive range includes boxes, trays, baskets, home décor and furniture

“Opt for Sirohi’s handcrafted luxury that is festive, fun & functional!”

Contact :  www.sirohi.org, contact@skilledsamaritan.com or Whatsapp at +91 9310433994

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