Baro Design – Design for mindful living

by Team Conscious Carma

Baro Design, a Mumbai based studio that brings design into our daily lives through focus on handcrafted furniture and lighting. “Each piece is crafted using well-seasoned, reclaimed teakwood. This means the wood has lived a previous life probably as an old door, a ceiling rafter, a pillar, or a wise old bookshelf. Using reclaimed wood found us a way out of our dilemma, between our love for trees and that of ripe, rich wood. We are not apart from nature, and it is only through our symbiotic coexistence that we will achieve balance”, says Siddharth Sirohi, the founder of Baro Design.

Siddharth, a multi-faceted designer, who co-founded the iconic store Baro, in 2016, is being  awarded the first ever Lexus India Design Award for Furniture and interior accessories in 2018. He also has a film career spanning over 15 years in Production Design, which has earned him a Filmfare nomination. He is a Yoga practitioner, an active mountaineer, a photographer and a painter, and strives to live a life where every moment is as complete as a lifetime.

Motivation behind the launch of  Baro Design

I was faced with the choice of continuing to make furniture or find something completely new to do. The more important understanding for me was to go through the process of understanding why it is that I do whatever it is that I do. That journey led me to realise that everything that I do will have the same common ground. Since I had been working with furniture I decided to bring that understanding to the field and Baro design was born as a design studio.


To design meaningful objects that inspire us to pause, reflect, and discover ourselves just that little bit more. We marry the lightness and play of modern palates to the gravity of old wood and time-honoured craft techniques. The approach is old school, relying on traditional wood joinery methods, but the result is as timeless as it is contemporary.  At Baro Design, we wish to celebrate the slow passage of time, expanding each simple moment into its fullest.


The largest of the road blocks was getting to the people. Once people are aware of our philosophy and work, it’s a lot smoother from there. If at all, I would consider the perception of the value of furniture as perhaps another road block. We carry notions of what the monetary value of something should be, for furniture, that is perhaps on the lower end of the spectrum. People shell out large amounts on cars and phones which will last them a few years at best, but furniture which is designed to last a lifetime is considered expensive. It needs to be seen as an investment, because you build a long term relationship with it, and is something that can be passed down generations.

Major milestones

 Having clarity on our core philosophy. We were able to crystallise why we do what we do so that all our work resonates with the same ideas and we have a clear design language. At the core of it rests the idea that good design can help bring our awareness to the present moment and our experiences can be fuller and more mindful. We have five core principles that the philosophy rests on and sustainability is one of those pillars.

Vision for Baro Design

  The vision for us as a studio is to use design to help live more mindfully. Whether it’s the way we sit or our behavioural aspects. How to use design as a tool to create the desired result. Whether it is being more mindful of the food we eat, our postures or the emotions that we need to elicit. It is about slowing down and absorbing more of life. We also like to challenge existing norms of interior design and even the conventional idea of furniture itself. It also means going back to ancient wisdom and drawing from that learning. Whether it is the way we sit or the way we behave. Practices such as yoga and vipassana mindfulness are a great resource for us. We would like to bring more of that into peoples’ lives.

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