Handcrafted and naturally dyed and printed fabrics at Sahaj Textiles

by Team Conscious Carma

“Becoming more mindful about clothing means looking at every fiber, at every seed and every dye and seeing how to make it better. We don’t want sustainability to be our edge; we want it to be universal.” Eileen Fisher, fashion designer

 Sahaj means ‘Nature’. The name constantly reminds us of our roots, our soil, and how everything starts with nature and ends with nature. In 2019, botanical dyer Muskan Agrawal set out to reclaim the power of natural plants and flowers. Her brand is rooted in the belief that the beauty of nature should be preserved, enjoyed, and shared with others whenever possible.

Her ideology was to establish a brand with a purpose. From a few experimental dye pots in her kitchen, she cooked up Sahaj Textiles. The company provides a social opportunity for low-income female workers in her hometown- Dewas, Madhya Pradesh.

Sahaj textiles products are non-toxic, hand-crafted, nature-inspired, and nature-derived, and zero waste. From Eco prints to tie and dyes, from classic solids to ombre, they always like to work around customers’ needs, designs and budgets. No matter what types of fabrics you are looking for, their wide range of 60+ fabrics will ensure your needs are met. Fabrics like hemp, bamboo, cotton, and silks are available at Sahaj, with no minimum runs.

“This company is the labor of love and consciousness. The Beauty of handcrafted, naturally dyed textiles isn’t to be searched for in the precision it’s made with, but in its harmless nature, cruelty-free history, and immense gentleness. What we do is wear clothes that destroy nature, and then travel miles to feel close to nature, when we can be close to nature, every second of our lives” says Muskan Agarwal

Naturally dyed fabrics

About Sahaj products:

Sahaj’s all-hand-dyeing team creates natural-dyed fabrics for scarves, garments, jewellery, and more. They took the initiative to manufacture 100% natural and organic textiles. Under the name Sahaj, they incorporated a project – Jijivisha

Jijivisha (Ji-Ji-vi-sha) means “a strong desire to live”. The flowers and coconuts offered to the Almighty as a symbol of our devotion, once discarded, are treated as waste.

It has always been easy to place blame on the factories and sewers that dump their refuse into the environment but if we think about it, it is us, the worshipers, who had turned against Mother Nature. It was then, we realized we need to repurpose the flowers and coconuts discarded from the places of worship.

​We at Jijivisha decided to hear the voice coming out of discarded flowers, and let them live forever. We took the task of restoring the holiness of these offerings and not let our devotion turn into pollution, by repurposing them to dye beautiful textiles for you.

“We believe in producing thoughtful, limited quantities. Our creations are beautiful and ethical at the same time. We aspire to stand up for the environment. Once we understand what fast fashion leaves behind, the misery it brings to the people and the environment, sustainability will be an easy choice”, adds Muskan.

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