Green And Beige, A Clean Beauty Brand launches body scrub and body lotion

by Team Conscious Carma

Established by Dr Merin Liza Jacob, Abraham Marett, and Jacob John, Green And Beige was with an aim to protect their children from unnecessary chemicals in the name of face/skin/hair care, that would do more harm than good.

Green And Beige look to help consumers tackle their skin and hair issues with products created to work holistically Following a policy of complete transparency, the labels reveal every ingredient that goes into making each of its products, in scientific terms as well as layman language, allowing customers to know exactly what goes into their products.

The brand launched its Body Care range in April 2021, with marquee products like its most unique and reputed Armpit Mask that tackles body odour and addresses years of stubborn, ingrained deodorant build-up, allowing the sensitive underarm skin to finally breathe. Its range of human, environment, and aquatic life safe products also includes deep hydration body butter, exfoliating coffee body scrub, intense hydration body lotion, and several soaps for dry skin, normal skin, and baby skin.

Their latest product additions are as follows:

1) Body Scrub Exfoliating Coffee Scrub: It is important that your body scrub has the right ingredients to help you exfoliate, without leaving your skin too dry. And also that your exfoliator helps smoothen skin. Coffee is our chief ingredient and it boosts collagen levels and reduces the premature ageing of the skin. Cocoa butter and moisturizing oils then help smoothen skin. Give yourself a scrub at home and come out glowing (and feeling like a million bucks).

Application: Apply on wet skin, massage gently using circular strokes to remove surface dead cells and polish the skin. Leave on for a minute or two to allow the ingredients to work their way under the skin. Rinse off with water. Pat dry. Use twice a week, ideally

Price: INR 949 Availability:

2) Body Lotion- Intense Hydration: Skin lotions are one area we are spoiled for choice. And maybe that is the reason that the entire space is a little soiled. There are enough and more products floating around and even more claims. This is why it is essential to know what you are applying to your skin and more importantly, what you need to. This Green And Beige body lotion is created from vegetable oils, the lamellar structure of this lotion makes it quick-absorbing and therapeutic to skin and senses. It rehydrates skin, revives rough and dry spots, smoothens calluses, and softens rough skin. And most important, it is not sticky and does not make your skin feel oily.

Application: Apply onto towel-dried skin immediately after a shower. Use as often as required.

Price: INR 1599


With a strategic outlook, Green And Beige envisions being among the Top 10 promising brands in India by 2022 and becoming the preferred brand for customers for their skin, body, and hair care. Furthermore, the brand will be opening international shipping by April 2022 and will foray into ASEAN and the Gulf markets by Q3 of 2022.

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