ESSGEE apparels by Sagrika Grover

by Team Conscious Carma

Right from Sourcing, manufacturing and designing apparels, Essgee does it all in a way so as to minimise the impact on the environment. The leftover fabric goes into making accessories, water reused for washing, energy saved by sun-drying products, and so on.

Loungewear Collection

Loungewear is usually categorised as very casual. However, the best thing about their lounge sets is that one can dress it up anytime. Looking at the current scenario, this is such a relevant and a suitable collection for work from home or even for a lazy day in.

Daze Apparels Collection

This capsule puts wearers into a DAZE of happiness and positivity. They can take an optimistic approach to how the world will change (for the better). These apparels have contrasting embroideries, vibrant colours, or bold patterns. As a result, this capsule has a powerful design that is enough to put you in a dazed state of mind by just slipping on a design.


Essgee holds deep-rooted values; encouraging patrons that fashion doesn’t have to be harmful to the environment. For instance, the brand indulges in activities such as reusing leftover fabric to make accessories, reusing water for washing, saving energy by sun-drying products out in the open and so on.

“We use natural fabrics throughout our collections to ensure our carbon footprint isn’t that big. The use of waste fabrics for tassels, embroideries, scarves is a regular practice. We also tend to use a lot of natural materials for our embellishments,” shares Sagrika.


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