Ekobin – A hassle-free and odour free home composting bin

by Team Conscious Carma

While solutions for plastic waste abound, most of us do not realise the harm organic waste does to the earth. Organic waste from our kitchens which are disposed of in landfills ends up being the major polluters of land and water resources. To this effect, composting our own kitchen waste is the simplest step we can all take to begin to manage the tremendous waste management problem our country faces. 

To tackle this, Ekobarn has launched their first range of home composting products – The Ekobin.  It is a well-engineered system aimed at being odour free by offering adequate aeration and low maintenance (no need to worry about catching and disposing of leachate). The other key USP of our EkoBin is our additive – compost starter mix. Hand curated with multiple strains of bacteria aimed at composting quickly and efficiently, one brick can last you ages! The Ekobins has thus been devised to make composting a breeze with minimal effort and space requirements.

The complete home composting kit consists of two stackable bins with a lid, an additive brick, a ready reckoner brochure explaining how to compost and what to compost and a hand rake to turn the compost around.

Ekobarn was founded with a vision to reduce our footprint on the environment and make the earth a cleaner and habitable space. Through a plethora of products and services, the company aims to be the one-stop solution for all sorts of waste and transform every Indian household into a zero-waste entity. 

Ekobarn is a team of co-founders coming from a diverse background – engineering, management and architecture, and is the outcome of their desire to develop an innovative and fuss-free solution for managing wet waste at the source.
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