Lumos-499 by Uniworks Designs

by Team Conscious Carma

A product that is Innovate in sustainability energy

In the current situation of COVID-19 when more and more people are spending time in indoor spaces which are becoming smaller by the day, having a natural source of good sunlight is the exception rather than the rule. Uniworks Design’s Lumos-499 can be the best option as a gift for this festive season as it is path-breaking in its approach to solving that problem. The device can harness the solar power of the sun and can bring in natural sunlight in indoor spaces. The product itself is extremely handy and can be controlled wirelessly. A weight of 450 gms makes it very easy to move. It does not even need any external source of power supply as it is self-sustainable. The best part, however, is its non-dependence on the sun’s position. Its reflection does not get affected by the sun’s position. It provides a stable natural light irrespective of the sun’s position. Even inside the home its position can be controlled wirelessly making it very easy to use.


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