Clensta International launches the Perfect Sanitization Kit – Germ Protection Lotion & Hand sanitiser

by Team Conscious Carma

~A must-have during unprecedented times, the lotion combats & offers 99.9% germ protection with antimicrobial and antiseptic properties for 12 hours ~ 

Clensta International, a diversified and fully integrated health and wellness biotechnology company, with the aim to provide instant hygiene solutions to anyone, anywhere and anytime, recently launched their Clensta Germ Protection Lotion. The novel product offers 99.9% germ protection with antimicrobial and antiseptic properties for up to 12 hours and reduces the extended use of alcohol-based sanitisers and washing hands multiple times a day. The product can be used over any exposed part of the body including face and hands.. Given the research that has been published in the current times has shown that the virus is airborne and that it can be stuck on surfaces for hours. Hence it is important to keep all the bases covered with the Clensta Germ Protection Lotion and Clensta Hand Sanitizer.

The product is a breakthrough advancement in the formulation of engineering chemistry with first of its kind PAP Technology (Prolonged Antimicrobial Technology) to prevent bacterial, viral, and fungal infections without harming the environment and human health. The FDA approved product ensures the safety and efficacy of the product by ensuring all the regulatory compliance. Local manufacturing of the product actively supports the Make in India campaign and is an enabler of Atamnirbhar Bharat Abhiyaan and Vocal for Local Initiative. Clensta’s in house production cycle and manufacturing process creates Women Entrepreneurs by actively engaging women self-help groups widely.    

Clensta Germ Protection Lotion is manufactured and tested by Clensta Micro Biological laboratory incubated at IIT Delhi. The product has been formulated with the PAP (prolonged antimicrobial protection) Technology, where the active ingredients synergistically increase the effectiveness of each other at a particular concentration. It is a specially engineered formulation composed of three active ingredients which form a triplet complex of the nanoparticles + biosurfactant+ acid. The nanoparticles in the triplet complex are accelerated to provide long-lasting antimicrobial protection by slowly releasing the reactive oxygen species (ROS) on the skin surface. The biosurfactant and acid mixture disrupts the outer membrane of the viruses, on the other hand, nanoparticles release ROS that degrades the genetic material (DNA/RNA) of the viruses and bacteria. 

Clensta International

Clensta Hand Sanitizer with alcohol retention formula offers 99% germ protection with antimicrobial and antiseptic properties that make it a quick solution for all-round protection and freshness. A skin-friendly hand hygiene solution is effective against germs, bacteria and viruses to protect your hands in routine use.

“During these unprecedented times when the country is battling with its biggest virus outbreak, Clensta Germ Protection Lotion & the sanitiser rises up to the occasion to ensure that Indians and fellow humans across the globe can battle the situation with the right solution. The product is affordable & at the same time effective in combating the situation currently. As an Indian startup Clensta International, an IIT Delhi associated brand and market leader in innovative waterless hygiene Clensta has prioritized the launch of anti covid lotion – an essential commodity ensuring the maximum available production capacity in order to bring an effective product to consumers in the shortest possible time, given the dire need for the same. The product is made easily available near your local retailer and through the company website, retail stores and various online e-commerce platforms” stated, Mr Puneet Gupta, CEO & Founder, Clensta International.

The move augments the company’s hygiene portfolio, which currently has Waterless Comprehensive Antiseptic Body Hygiene Solution (Waterless Body Bath), Comprehensive Head Hygiene Solution (Waterless Shampoo) and Clensta Hand Sanitizer in the market. The launch comes in the wake of the second wave of the country battling the novel virus. 

A National Award Winning company; Clensta International holds recognition by Hon’ble President of India and was also selected among the best 05 selected for presentation to Hon’ble Prime Minister of India Shri Narender Modi.  This skin-friendly body hygiene solution is effective against germs, bacteria and viruses to protect hands in regular routine use. This innovative and eco-friendly Sanitization Kit is an easy, one-stop solution that can be used to protect from 100 illness-causing germs. 

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