Mellow Herbals best-selling summer care range

by Team Conscious Carma

It is necessary to care for your skin according to seasonal Needs. For instance cleansing, cooling and refreshing the skin are more important in summers as the weather leads to problems like sun tan, sun burn, skin sensitivity, heat rash and eruptions like pimples and acne. Ayurveda has identified many ingredients that have cooling properties and are ideal for summer. Among these are rose, mint, sandalwood, coconut, mint etc. That is why such ingredients are more commonly used during the summer season.

Mellow recommends using various products from its best-selling summer care range like:

Rose Water The skin requires a natural boost of toning and hydration. Mellow”s Rose Water is prepared from steam distillation of rose petal extracts. The fresh rose petals are used to extract the essential oils that give your skin a cooling and soothing effect. It is the freshest and highest quality rose water that is purely nourishing for the skin.

Basil Astritone The skin requires a gentle toning after cleansing. The Astritone toner from Mellow hydrates, tones, and moisturizes your skin. This toner is made of essential natural plant-based components. These ingredients are steam distilled to prepare an effective toner that deeply

Amlam Milk cleanser It has fortifying properties that clean the impurities away but render softness to your skin. It helps you remove make-up, dead skin cells, oil and dirt without effort. The cleanser contains lavender oil that fights acne and enhances glow on skin. Neroli oil has antimicrobial properties that reduce skin breakouts after the use of chemicals.

Marigold Facewash It offers freshness to the users. The essence of marigold and mint gives a cooling effect to the skin. The face wash cleanses the dirt effortlessly and repairs the skin to glow. Your skin is deeply nourished without losing the natural oils.

Papaya Scrub It is a natural composition of vitamin-rich ingredients like lemon peel, papaya, orange peel, walnut and carrot seeds. The ayurvedic formula for skin casts stellar tightening properties, removes dead skin, prevents wrinkles, and makes skin look smooth. The nutrients of walnuts keep your skin looking plump and glowing.

Jval pack, which has natural ingredients like Haldi, Chandan, Manjishtha, and Rose petals, which not only nourishes your skin deeply but also combats wrinkles and age spots. The Jval pack improves the natural skin tone and brightens the complexion when used on a regular basis. Its natural ingredients cleanse and nourish the skin, resulting in a radiant and refreshed face.

Ozone Suntan Lotion If there is one product anyone asks us to be a must have of Mellow Herbals this summer is the ozone suntan lotion. This suntan lotion of 25 SPF+ is loaded with Ayurvedic herbs and extract that not only protects your skin from sun damage but also nourishes it. It suits every skin type. For a skin type which is super sensitive and oily in the summers this lotion glides on so smoothly without leaving any white cast. It has: Aloevera extract, Sunflower oil, Watermelon extract, Carrot extract, Licorice root extract. It also has Titanium Dioxide which works as a UV filter ingredient in the sunscreen.

Inspired by nature, Mellow was established in 2008 as an offline brand selling home-made hair fall solutions. The success of its products in the local community and then through word-of-mouth marketing led the brand to create a robust online presence for itself while eliminating the notion that Ayurveda was a luxury only ew could enjoy. Today, it has successfully made affordable Ayurveda solutions available to a wide consumer base. 


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