Cikitsa, the homegrown health and beauty brand introduces a range of sustainable products

by Team Conscious Carma

With the help of the ancient science of healing, the brand promises to bring well-researched quality products to the world
Cikitsa, a fast-growing manufacturer of nature-based cosmetics and hair oil, encourages consumers to lead a sustainable lifestyle and offers a range of Ayurveda-inspired hair care and beauty products. Knowing the endless possibilities of Ayurveda and its benefits in cosmetics, founders Fazal Rahman and Thamanna founded Cikitsa to meet the market’s demand for natural products.

Cikitsa offers products ranging from Goatmilk & Honey Oats soap, Wooden Razor, comb, Black seed oil, Almond oil, Activated charcoal, Pure Honey, and Bamboo toothbrush

Consumers have become more conscious of their consumption habits as the demand for organic food and the benefits of using it has grown. Cikitsa’s pure honey is directly collected from the western ghats of India. Forest honey has antibacterial characteristics that help treat wounds, skin infections, sunburn, and allergies, in addition to treating indigestion and improving the immune system. 

The wooden comb set is a healthier alternative that helps to distribute oil from your scalp to your hair, preventing your hair from drying out. It also triggers hair growth and reduces breakage, damage, and hair fall.

Speaking about the brand, Fazal Rahman and Thamanna, Founders of Cikitsa, shared, “Every Cikitsa product is designed and manufactured with the best materials available, as well as tried and true methods that you can rely on. We believe it is past time for all of us to shift toward sustainable products in order to live a healthy lifestyle while also protecting the environment. Cikitsa’s main goal is to reach out to as many people as possible and assist them in finding affordable solutions to their hair and beauty problems without compromising quality.”

Make the switch to sustainability right now and get your hands on these incredible products:

About the Brand:

Cikitsa is an Ayurveda-inspired haircare and cosmetics brand based out of Kochi, Kerala by Fazal Rahman. The brand has a research-based natural approach to haircare and beauty care, which ensures that its customers get the best results without side effects. Using natural ingredients from quality sources, they delve into natural cosmetics and hair care.

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