Arbū, the new generation of clean beauty

by Team Conscious Carma

“Beauty is not only about how you look but how you live according to your moral values as a daily practice. Beauty is also in the small steps leading to environmental conscientiousness. arbū (arbū comes from the Latin root for tree), is a manifestation of the innate knowledge of how to always be in tune with the true needs of the mind and body.”Violeta Malinova

Founded by Violeta Malinova, arbū was thoughtfully created not only as a unique skincare system that uses pure organics and modern science but as a philosophical concept. A leading innovator within the clean beauty market, arbū is a skincare brand which uses natural ingredients to guarantee high performance and visible results.

Violeta has always been drawn to living in tune with nature. An accomplished synchronized swimmer in her youth, she observed a regimen of wholesome food and natural remedies. And later, as a television producer and anchor, she instilled in her audience appreciation for sustainable living.

Extensive research was carried out to ensure the best practices and ingredients were being used throughout the range. Malinova consulted with leading dermatologists to ensure each product was created based on firm scientific evidence. And so, the need to replace man-made chemistry in beauty products with pure natural ingredients was born. All chemicals that are typically used in skincare products were replaced with powerful high quality natural ingredients.

arbū’s signature ingredient is Rosa Damascena Oil. The oil is extracted by water stream distillation and each Bulgarian Rose is meticulously hand-picked. The Rosa Damanscena Oil has the richest and most complex aroma, which makes it popular and sought after in the cosmetics industry. Furthermore. It has uplifting and relaxing properties for the nervous system, has the ability to calm and harmonize.

The collection also includes the Rejuvenating cream, Time Shift, a glamourous formula infused with Diamond Dust and Rose Essential Oils designed to restore the youthful appearance of the skin. Eye creams, rich moisturisers, and lip balms, including products for men and children complete the collection offering an extensive range for the whole family.

We are the new generation of clean beauty, creating precisely targeted natural skincare that delivers results”, adds Violeta who is supported by her husband, Vlado, in this venture.

“Clean food for the mind and the body, along with care for the environment, are essential human virtues,” Violeta shares. “To Vlado and me beauty is not just how you look, but how you live in accordance with your moral values. arbū embodies this balance. We created arbū in our search of harmony with the natural world that surrounds us.”

Products range from £11- £170

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