Arani Ecosteps unveils plastic-free personal and home care products

by Team Conscious Carma

A Sanskrit word for the flint used to kindle a fire, ‘Arani’ is a brand of plastic-free personal and home care products aimed at providing comprehensive and affordable alternatives to make a household as plastic-free as possible. The initiative is focused on fighting the growing plastic waste problem by creating novel formulations of daily use essentials, so that they can be packaged 100% without plastic. 

Nearly 50% of the single use plastics that end up in our landfills and oceans come from the packaging of consumer goods. Launched in December 2020, Arani Ecosteps has a range of 9 personal and home care products, 2 of which are proprietary formulations that require consumers to use old bottles at home, add water, and dissolve the pre-mixes they provide (in fully compostable pouches). The packaging can either be disposed with wet waste or be buried in a plant/garden and will turn to compost within 6 months. 

Also, there are 5+ formulations under development to cut out plastic from daily use personal and home care products, which would be launched over the coming months. In just 3 months, Arani’s consumers have saved nearly 9,000 pieces of single use plastic including 500+ bottles of various sizes. This amounts to 40+ kgs of single-use plastic. Small, yes, but it is a start! 

“Plastic is so pervasive because it is durable, cheap and versatile – making it responsible for many critical advancements. But as a single-use material, indiscriminate use over the past few decades has created islands of garbage in our oceans and on our land. More than 50% of this waste comes from packaging consumer goods, which means that collective conviction and action can go a long way in fighting this crisis! At Arani, we keep spreading awareness while making affordable and plastic-free alternatives available to our consumers, hoping to do our bit in a massive undertaking”, says the founder Gauri Gupta, who has worked closely across the healthcare industry verticals in her 4 years career as a private equity and venture capital investor, before launching Arani Ecosteps. 

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