UNIREC unveils garments from recycled plastic Pet bottles

by Team Conscious Carma

Plastic  is  a  synthetic  material  which  is  widely  used  in  a  variety of sectors.  A huge amount of plastic is produced and dumped into the environment which doesn’t degrade naturally.  Ever since the breakdown of COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an unprecedented use of plastic in our daily lives, more out of fear than out of need – be it in the form of PET bottles, masks, bags or disposable cutlery and crockery. “Understanding this global issue of sustainability, UNIREC – a unit of BrandStore India Private Limited’s Corporate launched with a focus on creating a brand where every product is manufactured using recycled plastic PET bottles and thereby reducing the carbon footprints. The brand’s vision is to create a sustainable world, ensuring zero effect (on climate) and zero defects (on the products) manufactured”, says Kapil Bhatia, CEO and Founder of UNIREC

India produces more than 25000 tonnes of plastic a day or 16.5 billion tons of plastic a year. On an average, every Indian consumes around 11kg of plastic per annum. However PET bottles can be recycled and converted into its original form i.e. plastic chips which can then be used to manufacture polyester fabric. This polyester fabric when blended with cotton or other such fabrics can definitely help in reducing the carbon footprints and carbon emissions. Thus, the problem and solution lies side-by-side.

UNIREC is the first sustainable brand from India that manufactures garments made from recycled PET bottles. Every garment made by UNIREC helps in recycling on an average 10 plastic bottles of 1 ltr each. While there are brands which do manufacture tshirts currently, UNIREC is the first brand in the country which not only manufactures tshirts but also formal jackets, sleeveless jackets, trousers and very soon will be launching their shirts collection also.

The team at UNIREC, under the supervision of  Kapil, a stalwart in the garment industry and a director of a reputed mens wear brand, is turning this global issue of plastic waste into opportunity and constantly working to create products that are environmentally friendly and are also in line with the latest fashion trends. Under the brand UNIREC – variety of products are available which includes pants, trousers, jackets and corporate uniforms.  

UNIREC is not only manufacturing garments made from recycled PET bottles but also looking at finding solutions for up cycling garments in different shapes and forms so as to make sure that the life cycle of the fabric goes up all while reducing the impact on the environment.

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