Exclusive Hemp Collection from Dennison

by Team Conscious Carma

Majority of people want to appear elegant and look stunning always so that they receive appreciation for their fashion sense. Even Men are not behind when it comes to dressing fashionably. Dennison, a 33 years old trusted brand in Men’s clothing the field of men’s clothing, launches their very first initiative towards Mother Earth, their Hemp Collection

The fabric of Hemp Collection is organically grown with 33%  less water use. The fabric is dyes using  Azo-free color dyes in an attempt to eliminate the harms. And instead of using plastic buttons we use Coconut buttons and use recycled threads for stitching. Moreover, for the Hemp collection, we have made recycled labels and paper fusing, with green packing, which makes it one of the most sustainable products of India. It is designed to help in saving natural resources and focus more on the awareness of sustainable fashion. Moreover, the fibre protects from UV rays and mold resistance.

With its origins in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, the brand was Conceptualized in 1988 by Rajendra Seth and focused focus on its vision to make affordable readymade clothing for people. “Dennison menswear is the brand where the clothes are made organically with traditional and contemporary look”, says Ashwin Seth, founder, Dennison.  Ashwin, the son of Rajendra, is the second generation, who brought with him innovation, by branching out into an e-commerce model to provide wide accessibility for affordable formal and semi formal clothing to men and women. 

The company reported a whopping 150% growth rate in the pandemic financial years between 2019 and 2020. In FY21, Dennison Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) related sales amounted to Rs. 7Cr(plus).

Growing up in the natural smell of fabric lumps, Ashwin learned a lot about customer behavior and business sense right from his childhood days. The love of fabric runs in the family. As the future of Dennison, Ashwini envisions every youngster wearing a Dennison.

Dennison’s other latest innovations include waist flex trousers and cotton e-waist pajama pants. “Going ahead, the brand is adding interesting clothing innovations to be positioned as the ‘most sustainable product in India,” both for men and women”, adds Seth. 

Available at: Myntra

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