Dennison – scaling heights with sustainable fashion

by Team Conscious Carma

Dennison, founded by Ashwini Seth, a second-generation entrepreneur, who learnt the nuances of fabric and the business from his father Rajendra Seth. “Growing up in the natural smell of fabric lumps, I learnt a lot about customer behaviour and business sense right from my childhood days. The love of fabric runs in my family” says Ashwini, who with a vivacious mind of his own,  expanded the business horizons, by branching out independently into the e-commerce side of it.

While Ashwini focused on Menswear, his wife and co-founder Sonalika Bansal prompted Ashwani to branch out into women’s clothing. The brand is applauded for its fabric, style and comfort and is being adorned by the fashion-conscious people

Adding Sustainability in their collection

With the desire to reduce the environmental impact of fashion, the duo launched their sustainable clothing line in Jan 2022. “Right now, we have launched the shirts & soon we are coming up with sustainable solutions across all the categories which are available with us.  Creating awareness about the climate change through our clothing and encouraging people to shift to sustainable clothing, motivates us to become more conscious. From our fabric to accessories and packaging, everything is eco-friendly and sustainable”, says Sonalika.


We wanted to be sure whatever we are offering to our customers must be ethically sourced. So it took us a while to find the desired supplier who is organic certified (GOTS compliance)


In Gwalior, we are one of the pioneers in sustainable clothing, which is a big milestone we have achieved. Also, it has led us to meet the increasing demand for sustainable products. And differentiate the company’s products from competitors.

Launching a sustainable hemp collection is itself a milestone. We are developing this category and sure to achieve many more milestones in sustainable clothing.


Our vision is to be an affordable & sustainable brand.

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