BOGDAR unveils Spring Summer 2022 collection

by Team Conscious Carma

Bogdar, the perfect partywear brand with sexy and confident stand-out pieces that are respectful towards the environment unveils its Spring Summer 2022 collection. 

Bogdar is always chasing adventure. For Spring Summer 2022, Bogdar takes inspiration from seductive sizzling summer evenings and purple flames flickering in the Moroccan desert sand. 90’s mini-skirts in sand-washed viscose and certified organic silks, ruching and chain strap detailing, sexy cut-out dresses in shiny deep blue and purples; all begging to be taken to a beach party.

Launched in 2016, Bogdar, blends contemporary party looks with a strong sustainable initiative. “We want to offer women partywear that makes them feel sexy and confident, whilst being responsible of its impact on the environment” says its founders, the husband and wife duo, Pavel and Teodora Lozanov. Bogdar places sustainability at its core and offers transparency in their production. The brand stays true to its unique heritage with 100% of its production carried out in their family owned facility in Bulgaria by a small team of just 16 members. “We work exclusively with family-owned socially responsible fabric suppliers, certified for clean productions that do not harm the environment”, adds the duo. Bogdar is certified for clean productions that do not harm the environment.

Bogdar is the ultimate brand for anyone looking for stand-out partywear who is also looking to become more sustainable, conscious, and socially responsible. The brand places sustainable practices at the very core of its offering and is entirely transparent about the production of each piece, holding themselves accountable for every single aspect of the process as they continue to embark on their mission to improve the industry and contribute towards a more responsible planet.

Bogdar has become a cult favourite amongst women who are looking to make a statement.

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