Aab label launches new Phulkari Collection “Trikona | त्रिकोण”

by Team Conscious Carma

Aab label is inspired by geometry and the intricate jaali work in Mughal architecture and the great pyramids.  All pieces are hand-embroidered, handwoven, sustainable and crafted with naturally dyed khaddar cotton .

The geometry of the triangle, or Trikon/त्रिकोण represents a whole. A balance achieved through the linkage of forces. It symbolizes creative output. A harmony of Energies coming together to evolve into something more meaningful. From antique phulkari to Mughal Architecture and the great pyramids, this essence of geometry has inspired art across cultures. And continues to do so. Merging that with the values of Aab, has unveiled the Trikon collection, a balance of cultural legacies and modern aesthetics.

The label has also expanded its offering with the Trikon Collection, which includes Kurtas, Kaftans with flowy and fluid fit that are comfortable and stylish for everyday wear, and anti-fit outfits that include a range of festive wear. Explore the Trikon, a collection of geometrical motifs and anti-fit styles.

Available at– https://aab-label.com/ 
Price- 3500 onwards

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