Aab, connecting folks to folk embroidery

by Team Conscious Carma

“Aab is connecting folks to folk embroidery! A reinterpretation of heritage hand – embroideries, Aab’ s journey originated in the vibrant culture of Punjab and is inspired by the graceful Phulkari”, founder Shreya Mehra.

Derived from the Persian & Punjabi word for water, ‘Aab’ represents the flow in the exquisite and age-old hand-embroidery technique of Phulkari. In the post-partition Punjab, the craft lost its charm & intricacy in designs replaced by mass machine-produced Phulakri. By engaging the essence of handcrafted heirloom crafts and bringing them back to our everyday life, the brand strives to rekindle the relationship between people and their cultural legacies, just like it did for Shreya while she was traveling around the world. The Brand has been founded on the philosophy that our culture grounds us and when art & culture aren’t preserved, a part of us that was shaped by it also breaks. Thus, in reviving a fading folk art Aab is connecting people to their cultural legacies & roots.

Each piece at Aab is painstakingly created with 100% hand-woven fabric, which is hand embroidered with illuminous patt silk thread utilizing traditional Phulkari techniques. The brand boasts of a dedicated team of traditional craftspeople, research professionals, designers, technical experts and more, all working towards the development of this one craft and its numerous aspects. Aab takes inspiration from all five distinctive and beautiful types of Phulkari designs- Baghs, Darshan, Dewars, Sainchis, Thirmas and Chopes. The in-depth knowledge of these designs as well as the craft sits at the core of the brand. It also ideates a perfect amalgamation of ideologies and art into producing some of the most unique and timeless Indian designs on contemporary silhouettes apt for wearing everywhere.

Their latest launch Matsya, is a Collection of marine life motifs inspired by the first Avatar of Vishnu on contemporary silhouettes infused with the defining bright colours and geometric designs of Phulkari. The collection has been made using Recycled Handloom Fabrics & natural dyes.

The Mátsya collection celebrates this relationship between fish, and water representing Mátsya & Aab. Existing in Tandem, revitalising the cycle of being. Mátsya is a collection of marine life motifs on contemporary silhouettes infused with the defining bright colours and geometric designs of Phulkari. Matsya is a heritage craft outfit which is hand-embroidered, handwoven, sustainable, recycled, and made up of traditional techniques.

Aab was founded in 2021 by Shreya Mehra, a media graduate from the London School of Economics and Political Science. After working in the media industry for a few years, she gave up a straight laid career path to build a fashion start-up. Starting from the scratch, which involved studying and researching on traditional techniques of Phulkari, finding artisans, product development (i.e. Phulkari is always a dupatta traditionally – Aab is the first brand to innovate Phulkari in contemporary silhouettes) and eventually building a brand and setting up an apparatus for production & marketing

Her vision is to re-ignite the lost charm and breathe a new life into this 2000-year-old heirloom craft through the medium of design intervention and storytelling. Aab is expanding the scope of the craft from traditional dupattas to versatile everyday wear.

Available at– https://aab-label.com/

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