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by Team Conscious Carma

ABALONE journey started in 2015 by fashion designer Sristi.  With a deep knowledge in various natural fibers, weaving techniques and product designs and an indomitable spirit, Sristi inspired many to be a part of this journey. Today, there are many skilled tribal artisans who are inseparable part of ABALONE family. 

“Plastic debris is found absolutely everywhere, from the Arctic to Antarctica. It clogs street drains in our cities; it litters grounds and national parks, and is even piling up on Mount Everest. Plastics survive even the harshest conditions, such as floating around in a marine environment under blistering, unrelenting sunshine or frozen into Arctic ice for years to come”, says the conscious designer 

“Then there are side effects of industries. Most of the pollution on the planet can be traced back to industries of some kind. Industrial pollution takes on many faces. It contaminates several sources of drinking water, releases unwanted toxins into the air and reduces the quality of soil all over the world.

At the same time , cheap Chinese products are destroying Indian rural artisans and economy. Due to cheap prices, wide availability and huge profit dissemination to the dealers, China has become the second-largest export-focussed country in the world. There are many manufacturers in India that import cheap Chinese goods and then sell them under their own label”, she adds

Her concern towards the growing use of plastic, artificial toxic materials, industrial pollution and cheap Chinese products, encouraged her to launch Abalone, where they make products with Indian natural fibers which are alternatives to imported products from China, Indonesia etc. These natural products can replace plastic very easily and are durable, ecofriendly and sustainable. The natural fiber is beautiful to look at. It has an interesting grain that is both elegant and natural looking. While aesthetics are important for any quality product, they also have multiple benefits. 

Jute fabric presents a lot of benefits due to its wonderful property, pollution free environment and especially contributes to a sustainable development. This biodegradable material has a high moisture retention capacity and fire resistant properties too. It is usually used as geotextile. Kauna grass (water reed) is naturally resistant to insects and helps combat water pollution by absorbing toxic microorganisms and poisonous metals. Sabai grass is known for their flexibility and strength, the leaves are utilized for making ropes and other rope-based utility items. 

Sristi started working with local artisans who were in this business for generations. We provided further training and insights, and we gave them new product design and ideas. People also started liking our products. In ABALONE workshop, all natural and ecofriendly products are used, no toxic waste is generated. In our production process no harmful waste is released in the environment which is common in machine based production. We are supporting all local poor skilled craftsman and tribal people. 

Initially we struggled to educate people about various natural fibers, many people thought Jute and Water reed are same. We explained the difference between various natural fibers, their features and usability. We had to explain what are the difference between natural handmade products and machine made products and why price is different. People started appreciating our vision and our customers base also started growing slowly but steadily. 

Key features which separate ABALONE from other sellers in the market. 

????Highly customizable – order as per your space and requirements

????Product replacement if not satisfied with quality

????Request for your product making video

????Your health and your families health – built with safe, natural, ecofriendly materials

????Your mental wellbeing – sustainably made products positively impact your feelings of wellbeing

????Supporting sustainable business – supporting a local poor skilled craftsman, tribal people, 

????Reduced carbon footprint – all natural, ecofriendly products are used, no toxic waste is generated

????Sustainable fabric – jute, cane, grass, azo free dyes are used 

????Ethically made – All ABALONE artisans are business partners

????Reduced waste – no harmful waste is released in the environment which is common in machine based production. 

Contact : 6290744782 / 6291514742  Instagram :https://www.instagram.com/invites/contact/?i=14xv8s72kkohe&utm_content=lewbp6r

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