3BO – India’s First Face Mask That Provides Triboelectric Protection

by Team Conscious Carma

3bO is India’s first face mask that uses CeNSTech™. CeNSTech™- a patented technology of CeNS, a Govt of India, Dept of Science & Technology Lab. It provides antiviral and antibacterial protection. The masks are designed and developed by the scientists at CeNS (The Centre for Nano and Soft Matter Sciences). 3bO is the only mask based on triboelectricity. The mask is being manufactured and marketed by Camellia Clothing, a three-decade-old clothing company based in Bangalore, under an exclusive global license from CeNS.

3bO masks use the concept of Triboelectricity to give the masks enhanced Electrostatic Filtration and aid Electrostatic Viral deactivation, over and above the mechanical filtration. Live viral filtration results have shown 90% live viral filtration in 3bO masks compared to 56% filtration in highly ranked chemically coated masks. The inner layers of 3bO face mask, continuously generate a triboelectric charge, through the natural airflow of breath and speech.

Available at: http://www.3bo.in/

woman wearing face mask

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